Meet the Outstanding Leader, Louis R. Chenevert

Louis R. Chenevert is a renowned Canadian businessman in the world of CEOs. His significant achievements give him a good reputation in the field of management. The greatest achievement that puts his name in the success that makes him famous is the impact on UTC under his leadership. United Technologies Company has grown tremendously regarding the profit margins due to the strategies of Louis. Getting into a company at a time of economic recession is a challenge. This is because it is quite hard for one to grow the corporation at a time when the economy is not performing as expected.

However, Louis Chenevert proved himself to be a better leader. He defies the prevailing economic conditions and takes United Technologies Companies to greater heights. As seen from the past, most of the great companies during the postwar period are now falling due to reduced profits margin. However, this is not the matter with UTC. The conglomerate is reaping benefits with larger margins in the industry. Louis makes the company among the top in the list of manufacturers both in the USA and globally. Managing to stay on the forefront in the field of innovation and building requires strong leadership aspects.

His extraordinary achievements range from the management of General Motors to leading UTC is the acquisition of Goodrich and International Aero Engines (Rolls Royce). In addition to this, under his leadership, the company has had a successful manufacture and launch of the geared turbofan engine. He confesses that he touches everything that he is passionate about. His love for technology is one of the aspects that gives his leadership great discipline and imagination.

Louis is the 2009 recipient of the Honor Award. This award is given by National Building Museum in the promotion of excellent design, construction, architecture, engineering, and planning. This award recognizes individuals such as Louis who have made significant contributions to the USA’s building heritage. The invention of geared turbofan has significantly contributed greatly to the economization of fuel in the aerospace industry.

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Dick DeVos Work History

Dick DeVos is one of the well-known philanthropists in the world. His reputation has captured a lot of attention across the globe regarding the support and donation to different institutions and groups. The primary path that Dick DeVos has taken the priority of his support is the promotion of the groups and education. He has donated $3 million and $357,000 in support of the various groups and for setting up a good foundation of the educational matters. His unwavering belief is that through education every child has a chance of achieving his or her future American dream. To achieve so, he channels some amount to promote the administration and teachers who are in look of the educational matters. The supply of his donation is well defined by the procedures that are contained by several charitable organizations. This move has made him create a huge impact in the society, and this was well substantiated by the support that he gave to Lansing-based Great Lakes Education Foundation. Lansing-based Great Lakes Education Foundation was set to benefit the public masses openly without any political agenda associated with it.

There a quite a lot of projects that have been erected through the donation of the Dick DeVos. These include the Ford International Airport and charter school located at Gerald R. in additional, Dick DeVos acquired a plane with the intention of assisting the education at West Michigan Aviation Academy. He has furthered his donation of $2.4 million to the Arts & Culture. Furthermore, he donated $22million to various universities such as University of Maryland to initiate the project of DeVos Institute of Arts Management. In support of the leadership, he built Chicago mega church with the purpose of integrating the good religion to the society. The donation of the $1 by Dick DeVos assisted the global summit which was attended by the philanthropist.

Dick DeVos was one of the main partners participated in erecting the multi-purpose sports arena that is located in Grand Rapids. The Grand Action which was laid down in the setting of his campaign has created a well-staged platform for all business leaders. Some of the projects that were set under the goals of the Dick DeVos include the Grand Rapids City Market and DeVos Place Convention Centre. The various sector that has been supported by his contribution has created a good transformation under the set policies. Additionally, his influence in the sector of education has made drastic changes in education labors. The primary aim of Dick DeVos was to create equality in ensuring there are equal opportunities for education for both poor and rich.

Dick DeVos has created a perfect platform that has brought a transformation in the sphere of education.


How Nathaniel Ru Believes Everything Can Last Longer

Nathaniel Ru is one of three co-founders of a business that does things a little differently than others. His company is Sweetgreen, a restaurant chain whose menu primarily consists of salad and fruit entrees but also has soups and proprietary beverages. Ru has talked about what sets this company apart from most other businesses, and it was five values that the company has, among which is making everything they do last longer.


The way Ru defined this value was that every decision that he or someone else in the company makes should last longer than themselves. Ru said that making everything last longer also goes along with the “win win win” value that means that everyone from the company employees to the customers and also the local community should come away a winner. And Ru also believes in authenticity in every aspect of this company so that every customer who comes through the door can speak of the company’s genuineness.


Nathaniel Ru, along with Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet started Sweetgreen about 10 years ago upon graduating from Georgetown University. Ru, Jammet and Neman are all the sons of first-generation immigrants who moved to the US to start businesses and the three young men wanted to do the same. They studied business but still were looking for that big idea throughout their college time. They finally found their niche when they began to think of the limited healthy eating options on campus and decided they could start a business with that focus.


It began with the desire to turn an old tavern into a restaurant startup, and after a lot of hassle with the landlord they were able to do it. The three friends didn’t have a lot of capital to start with, but once they got through the first winter break on Georgetown’s campus they knew they could do it. Once they were able to get their first Sweetgreen location opened, they moved to another in a shopping strip and while things didn’t look as promising at this location, they were able to market the store through musical events hosted right outside.


Music has continued to be an important part of Sweetgreen’s marketing and has led to the formation of Sweetlife music festival. Beyond music, Ru and his fellow CEOs also regularly visit classrooms where they talk about their products and encourage young students to eat healthy. They now live in the coastal area of Los Angeles, but they don’t run Sweetgreen from any central headquarter locations, and they even go out to get their hands dirty working in Sweetgreen kitchens and interacting with their employees.


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UKV PLC-The Titans Of The Wine And Champagne Department

Good wine supplements the sweetness of every event. Although there is no set of rules on ‘How to Choose the Right Wine for Various Events’; the right choice of wine will make your event colorful, beautiful, and it will add more laughter in the room. Is that not what we want and have in mind when we are planning for a party? Who wants to have their guests living unsatisfied? UKV PLC is there to help you make your wine sector breathtaking.

UKV PLC majors in procuring and selling of the most pleasurable wines and champagnes. Whether your mission for acquiring quality wine is for personal use or, you just want to impress your buyers: UKV PLC goal is to ensure you receive the world’s most famous exciting and luxury wines.

The emphasis of their firm is laid on ensuring that their clients whose interest is to purchase the finest most prestigious wines from the Spain, Italy, and France leading vineyard gardens get it.

UKV PLC has a robust network relation in their line of business: attaining any wine for their customers is therefore not one of the challenges that the firm has to deal with in their daily activities. UKV PLC is not restricted to any specific brand of wine as it operates as an independent entity. UKV works with a stretched system of brokers and merchants in search of their wines.

UKV PLC has established a solid customer service system. Their wine consultants meet the clients who want active personnel for their advice sessions. Depending on the convenience of the customers and condition of the firm; the company can either travel to the purchaser or request them to go to their offices.

UKV PLC has a very positive review from their users. Whether you want wine for an excellent personal treat or you want to invest in the wine business; count on the UKV PLC services in making a wise decision.

Julia Jackson Carrying On Her Family’s Tradition With Style

As the proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, Julia Jackson knows everything that there is to know about winemaking. She grew up picking grapes with her father, Jess Jackson, who founded the Kendall-Jackson wine business. While Jackson earned a Bachelor of Arts from Bachelor of Arts in addition to receiving a general management certificate from Stanford Graduate School of Business, her real education came from working in several of the 44 wineries owned by Jackson Family Wines. Jackson spent a year in France working on her wine production education and learning French as well.

One winery, Cambria Winery, must be Jackson’s favorite; in 2010, its individual vineyard parcels produced Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir, a Wine of the Year by Wine Enthusiast. Julia also named her charity, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, after the vineyard. The program honors women who have overcome adversity and are inspiring other women to do the same. Each year, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment awards grants $100,000 nonprofits that uphold the program’s values.


Currently, Jackson works with the communications and marketing departments of Jackson Family Wines where she is revamping specific wine’s websites and updating the image of the company’s international brands.

In addition to her interest’s in wine making, Jackson is ardent about environmental conservation and she is passionate about art.

George Soros: Hypocritically and Biasedly Scrutinized

As anyone who is even remotely tuned into politics knows, one of the biggest controversies we face in America today, with respect to the election process, is that of money in politics. Regardless of one’s opinion on the subject, when people speak of donations to the Democratic Party, one name will surely arise, George Soros. While Soros’ conservative adversaries will speak of him in distain for his large contributions to the Democratic Party, they fail to encourage people to follow the paper trail of Soros’ donations. The reasoning behind this? Well, because unlike his anti-humanitarian counter parts backing the Republican Party (The Koch Brothers), George Soros contributions are not simply motivated by the generation of self-wealth.

Aside from donating to the Clinton campaign last election cycle, George Soros was a key contributor to numerous PACs and organizations, supporting various highly ethical causes in recent years. Over the past 30 years, Soros has donated over 13 billion dollars through his international foundations. One of those organizations to make note of, is the Democracy Alliance. George Soros is not only a large contributor to the organization, but helped launch the group in 2005. This particular organization is not intended to support any individual political candidate, nor Party. Instead, the group’s focus is to advocate philanthropically causes such as combating income inequality and climate change. Read more at The New York Times about George.

George Soros has also allocated over 10 million dollars in funding to support immigrant voting rights and turn out this past election. One of these super PACs called Immigrant Voters Win, serves the purpose of producing greater voting turn out amongst low-propensity Hispanic voters. Another group Soros has generously donated to is a nonprofit organization which aims to fight the conservative effort to restrict voting.

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One final key note organization that George Soros has contributed to is one that conservative talking heads make sure to avoid when speaking of Soros. End Citizens United is a PAC fighting for limitations in which a single individual or corporation is allowed to contribute to a candidate or Party. The main talking point in which those who bash Soros, is a battle in which George Soros is on the other side of. Visit to know more about George.

Dick DeVos, a U.S Based Philanthropist Focuses on the Education Sector

Dick and Betsy DeVos have always been in the limelight due to their generosity. The couple has given away billions of dollars to charitable events ever since they ventured into philanthropy. They have given out a total of $139 million. In their giving, they have put education as their top most agenda.


In 2015, 26% of their donation was channeled into the education sector, and another 3% was given to organizations that are inclined towards making necessary changes in the education sector. During Dick’s interview with MLive and The Grand Rapid Press, he stated that he has observed that the current education system in the U.S was not fulfilling. He also indicated that children living in marginalized areas were not capable of accessing quality education. Dick also blamed the education system for failing to make education easily accessible to all children.


DeVos commended America for having highly skilled teachers. However, he feels that these teachers should be capable of disseminating knowledge to all students equally. Michigan Schools is one of the beneficiaries of his philanthropic work. In 2013, his top recipients included Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, Potter’s House in Wyoming, and West Michigan Aviation Academy. Dick DeVos also donated funds to Rehoboth Christian School, Ferris State University, and Alma Mater Northwood University.


DeVos faces critics

Despite his selfless giving nature, DeVos has faced some criticism. Mr. Mark Brewer once accused him of using the donations as a tool to divert attention from his political contribution. He also accused DeVos of supporting schools that run for profit gains. In return, their family spokesman John Truscott defended the family by saying that all their philanthropic actions were public even before Betsy was nominated. The DeVos family has always insisted that they have always adhered to the standards required for any charitable organization. He also insisted that their donations are not politically inclined.


About Dick DeVos

Born in October 1955, Dick DeVos is a businessman from Michigan State. In 2006, Dick took on his political ambition by running for Michigan State governor’s post. In 2012 he was listed as 67th richest person the United States by Forbes magazine. Dick is married to Betsy DeVos who is currently serving in America as the secretary of education. He is a graduate of Northwood University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Dick DeVos was also awarded honorary doctorate by Central Michigan University, Northwood University, and Grove City College.


Karl Heideck Explains Philadelphia VS. Wells Fargo

On May 15th, the City of Philadelphia opened a lawsuit against Wells Fargo & Company. The claim is stating that Wells Fargo has been violating the 1968 Fair Housing Act. The city says they have manipulated African American, Hispanic and other minorities into accepting riskier deals on loans and mortgages that resulted in a large portion of foreclosures. This is only the most recent Scandal the bank has been involved in. They’re still trying to rehabilitate from the “fake customer account” scandal where bank operators created fake profiles to meet a certain criteria. Most of the banks scandals are considered redlining. An illegal practice where banks target a specific area or demographic that they don’t want to loan to. The same attorneys used for that case are also representing Philadelphia, says Karl Heideck.

Karl Heideck is an attorney that specializes in risk management, compliance and litigation. He is based in Philadelphia and began working for Grant and Eisenhower PA. His work is based around bank fraud/security and any issues dealing with 2008 and its mortgage disaster. Heideck has also worked for Pepper Hamilton LLP as a project attorney, Hire Counsel and was also an associate for Conrad O’Brien. His skills include civil and commercial litigation, mediation, arbitration and intellectual property. Along with his work, Mr. Heideck also writes different articles to explain different aspects of law in order to help the public get a better understanding on certain topics.

Karl Heideck attended Swarthmore College from 1999-2003 and Temple University James E Beasley School of Law from 2006-2009. During these years, Heideck received a Bachelor of Arts for English language and literature and letters from Swarthmore. He also made the dean’s list at Temple University where he graduated with a JD in Law. Karl Heideck has many profiles that are open to the public like LinkedIn, Legal Directories, and Martindale. These sites provide links to more of Karl’s articles, other profiles and give a more in-depth explanation of what he does and his legal background.

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How Nick Vertucci is Becoming a Legacy in Real Estate Investing

Nick Vertucci has a true rags to riches story. After his father’s passing at 10, life was tough for many years. His adulthood started off with him living in a van and stability finally came when he started selling computer parts. When he lost almost everything in 2000, a friend introduced him to Real Estate and it became a passion that would make him a millionaire.

Becoming a Real Estate Guru

Mr. Vertucci spent over a decade soaking up as much information as he could about Real Estate and Real Estate investing at He turned his acquired knowledge into a system that he made simple and accurate for investing in properties. Nick Vertucci became a millionaire, with hard work and dedication. He now vows to teach his system to others and share his knowledge with the work at his free live workshops and academy.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was created by Mr. Vertucci as a way to educate other people who have a passion or interest in investing in Real Estate. The academy teaches with hands on learning and has people to help with investing issues as they arise. A student at the academy will learn how to flip houses, how to rehabilitate homes and sell them for profit and tips and tricks to invest low and sell high. A student will also learn how to find properties, network and grow his or her reputation as an investor on LinkedIn.

Nick Vertucci has worked hard for his successes and has a passion for teaching others everything he knows. With his knowledge and dedication many find success after attending his academy. Whether a student is looking for help with investing in long-term rentals or short-term flipping of houses or commercial properties, Mr. Vertucci’s academy is a great way to find a solid education in real estate investing.

Brian Torchin: From Chiropractor to World Leading Medical Staffing Coordinator

Brian Torchin is the CEO, founder, and Medical Staff Coordinator at Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC). Brian drew on his own experiences as a Chiropractic doctor and his entrepreneurial spirit to found HCRC. HCRC is based out of Philadelphia and supplies medical staff support to all 50 states as well as Asia, Canada, Europe, and Austrailia.

They cover a wide range of medical professions including chiropractic, dental, medical, and podiatry staff needs to name a few. HCRC also offers legal staffing as well. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

A very good advantage to used HCRC to staff medical or legal facilities is you know you’re getting quality over quantity. HCRC has a history for selecting top-notch medical and legal professionals. They stand behind them, and everyone goes through a rigorous screening process before getting hired.

Brian Torchin is an active presence on social media, and in this digital age, you have to be to stay relevant. A look at his facebook shows someone who is very business-oriented. This is information about his company, HCRC, as well as posts talking about available spots for hiring. There is also a link to his Chiropractic group on facebook, as well as information and links to his twitter and LinkedIn profile.

Through the HCRC website. Brian posts blogs that give tips on a wide variety of topics. The tips are focused on how to select professional, quality candidates for a medical staffing company and how to provide excellent patient care with a welcoming environment.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin was featured on several media outlets, including a piece on CNN iReport. He has also been featured on Topix, Simply Hired, the, and the Digital Journal all praising him on his success with HCRC. Brian Torchin has revolutionized the medical and legal staffing industry and his success just keeps getting better and better with every year.