How Nabors Industries And Tony Petrello Contributed To Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey devastated many communities across the state of Texas in 2017. The hurricane brought flooding, devastation and widespread property damage. It also managed to displace many people who had called the parts of Texas that Hurricane Harvey touched down on home. Many communities in Texas were devastated by the hurricane however they were able to look to members of their communities including individuals, nonprofits and corporations for help as they rebuilt their lives proving that the hurricane was unable to destroy them.

When their communities needed them most the well-known Texas oil company Nabors Industries was there to provide the kind of hope that people whose lives were impacted by Hurricane Harvey needed. Nabors Industries is an oil company that is known for its expertise in drilling and for delivering top-notch oil-related services to its clients. When employees at Nabors Industries observed the extent to which communities in Texas had been impacted by Hurricane Harvey they decided that they would try to do their part to make Texas and Houston a better place to live for victims of the disaster. The employees at Nabors Industries decided that they wanted to help contribute and do their part to uplift their local community.

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The employees of Nabors Industries contributed to relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey by choosing to take time off from their jobs so that they could spend their days contributing to relief efforts. The Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Anthony Petrello allowed his employees to have paid time off as they assisted with activities that supported the survivors of the hurricane. Chief Executive Officer Tony Petrello views his corporation as an integral part of the local community in Texas. This is why he was so supportive of his employees’ efforts to do their part to respond to Hurricane Harvey.

When communities find themselves forced to deal with devastating incidents such as a natural disaster of some sort it is important for other stakeholders in the community to pull together in order to restore the damage that natural disasters have caused. One might argue that Nabors Industries sees itself as much more than an oil company. Nabors Industries and its Chief Executive Officer Tony have strived to run the company like a socially responsible organization that uses its resources to benefit the people of Texas. Tony Petrello did his part to contribute to relief efforts to help survivors of Hurricane Harvey by matching the donations that his employees made to initiatives that would support those who were impacted by the hurricane


Fagali’I Airport Trusted By Passengers Around The World

Fagali’I International Airport is located in beautiful Fagali on the Upolu island in the Samoa archipelago with a distance of approximately 5 kilometers south-east of Apia. Fagali’I International Airport makes up part of the greatest component of the political neighborhood of Tuamasaga.

According to the 2006 Census, Fagali’I has a populace of 1,571. Today there are many more people who call Fagali’I home. Fagali’I attracts hundreds of tourists from all over the world, including the countries of the Caribbean, Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Central America, Middle East, and the Pacific. Hundreds of visitors from these countries arrive at Fagali’I International Airport on a daily basis. They enjoy the attractions, restaurants, gift shops and other interesting venues that are offered at Fagali’I.


The owner of Fagali’I Airport is Polynesian Airlines. The Fagali’I Airport is also managed by Polynesian Airlines. Previously the Fagali’I Airport runway was a grassy air-strip, but it was closed down to remove the grass and seal-coat it. After it had been renovated, Fagali’I Airport was reopened on July 6 in 2002. In January of 2005, the village and the Polynesian Government were uneasy about the noise coming from the planes and the safety. It was said that these were the reason for the de-commissioned of the airport by the Government but Fagali’I Airport was re-opened on July 1, 2009, by Polynesian Airlines. The services that were resumed were not just domestic flights, but also international flights according to These flights included flights to American Samoa and Pago Pago.

Reopening the Fagali’I Airport was not an easy task. There were many controversial issues they had to face from those who criticized the safety of the surroundings and the structure of the airport. Other issues of concern were what would the cost be on the local population if the plan failed.

In spite of the controversy that surrounded the re-opening of the Fagali’I International Airport, it is successful. Many airlines fly in an out of the Fagali’I Airport including Samoa Air, and Polynesian Airlinesaccording to .

To serve Samoas better, DHC-6 Otter was bought by Polynesian Airlines since they re-opened Fagali’I Airport.

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Dick DeVos Changes Things For The Better

His life experiences demonstrate that Dick Devos is an agent for change. If he thinks that something is not right, he will do everything he can to correct it. For instance, in 1991 when there was a plan to build a Grand Rapids sport complex, Devos opposed the idea and worked against it. In his mind, the sports arena will not be good for the Grand Rapids downtown area. He believed it will be detrimental as the Palace of Auburn Hills and the Silverdome at Pontiac damage were harmful to Detroit in the 1970s when the Pistons and the Lions left the city.



Devos’ attitude of making changes when they are necessary is what guided him when he was still the Amway CEO from 1993 to 2002. His move against the sports complex in Grand Rapids was instrumental in the creation of Grand Action, a business association which modified the Grand Rapids skyline. Through Grand Action’s initiatives, a number of new constructions sprouted in the area. These new buildings include the DeVos’ Place Convention Center, the medical school of the Michigan State University, the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Performance Hall, and the City Market of Grand Rapids, and Grand Action’s initiatives effectively stopped the suburban spread in Grand Rapids and changed its direction.



Together with his wife Betsy, Dick Devos is the moving force of Grand Action. Both husband and wife are born to rich families and have spent most of their lives trying to change the status quo. Considerable changes happened in the area’s state laws affecting labor and education through their political influence. The two are able to effect considerable changes since they are major donors in the coffers of the GOP.



However, the DeVos were not always successful in having it their way. They were defeated by voters in 2000 when they tried to amend the constitution. The Devos wanted to fund the education of students who went to private schools with the tax proceeds from the public. When Dick campaigned for the governor’s seat in 2006, he was clobbered by the incumbent governor, Jennifer Granholm. But the two were unfazed by these temporary defeats.



Since then, Dick Devos has been appointed as a top board member of the Federal Aviation Administration and Betsy is now the Secretary of Education. Dick’s appointment to the board of FAA was handed down in Sept. 2017. He is now overseeing the organization’s civilian panel. The Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Elaine L. Chao announced the appointment of Dick, along with the other new board members. The board members are in charge of FAA’s policy matters, its spending policies, long-range planning and regulatory matters.



All board members serve as volunteers on a 3-year term. While serving in their capacity as FAA board members, they are not required to give up their current private or public positions. They have a scheduled meeting every quarter. Dick Devos, being one of the top board members, will again have the chance to make meaningful changes in the agency. He will have a hand in matters that will affect the agency’s directions, regulations, policies and practically everything that the FAA is involved in. The public could expect some changes to come in the FAA.


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Keeping the Community Safe Through Securus Technologies’s WCS

For years, ex-correctional officer Robert Johnson has told his story and why he kept it a personal mission to help keep out cell phones from prison inmates’ hands.

Johnson primarily commented that inmates use cell phones to foster crimes within the community, which he experienced first-hand. Working as a corrections officer, it was part of his job to make sure that contraband drugs are intercepted when they are delivered for inmates within the prison.

Robert Johnson got quite good at this job that a hit was put on him and this happened two weeks after they were able to intercept a large parcel of drugs with a value of $50,000. It was around 5:30 am on March 5, 2010 when he was up and getting ready to go to work. The front door of his house was kicked in and there came a loud boom. He immediately knew that it is probably a hit.

He said he called to the intruder from the hallway so the man would not go into the bedroom where his wife was still sleeping. The larger man pushed him backward after a short struggle and raised the barrel of the gun towards him. After that Johnson does not remember anything else except waking up on the bathroom floor.

He was shot six times by the gunman on the chest and stomach from a distance of less than six feet. In the hospital the chaplain and doctors told his wife to prepare for the worst. He said he died twice on the operating table and that his doctor calls his survival a miracle.

The man who shot him was Sean Echols, who was arrested and convicted of his murder attempt on Johnson. Johnson explained that inmates contracted Echols through a contraband cell phone from the prison and paid him $6,000 on a Greendot reloadable card.

Johnson likewise recalled another incident when 3 inmates called a hit on a baby because the uncle did something they did not like. The baby died in the mother’s arms. The hit was contracted from a contraband cellphone inside the prison.

In another time and place a 3½ minute video filmed within Evans Correctional institution purportedly showed Jose Ariel Rivera, 31years old and serving a 10 year prison sentence, using a cellphone. He has been caught several times using a cellphone and this is not the first.

Such cases could be prevented by the Wireless Containment System (WCS) of Securus Technology that has the ability to detect and prevent calls. The efficiency of the technology has been recorded to have prevented attempts of illegal communication from eight correctional facilities within the United States.

To date Securus continues to invest and enhance the WCS since it is an effective means of eliminating contraband cell phones within correctional facilities in the U.S.

Jeff Yastine’s take on mergers and acquisitions

The business world is constantly changing. Every successful person in business has to be well informed of the happenings in the market. Today, there is a wave of mergers and acquisition. Some people may think that it is because companies being acquired are not profitable enough. The reality is, when businesses merge, they gain a bigger share of markets, get to widen their product portfolio and have a better presence in the country or continent. After considering the benefits that come with a merger or an acquisition, Jeff Yastine advises investors that companies that have either merged or done acquisition is the place to invest.

Jeff Yastine is an investor and a financial reporter with years of experience. He was the anchor and reporter of PBS Nightly Business Report. During his career as a news anchor, he had the opportunity to interact with many business leaders. This saw him acquire knowledge that has proved to be an asset to him in his investments. He also got to do lots of research on markets, analysing and coming up with informative reports for his audiences. This gave him a chance to understand the business market and to get inside information on how money flows. He got an Emmy business award for his excellent reporting skills in 2007.

Other than being at the forefront of changing business trends, Jeff Yastine is known for his accurate financial reports. This saw him be awarded as New York State’s society of certified public accountants excellence in financial journalism. He was part of the NRB team of journalists who had done a 30minutes report on the state bond market in America. In as much as this news piece was the one that got him awarded, his reporting skills are what got him there. He has a way of sticking to the facts while explaining in the simplest terms complex economic concepts.

One thing Jeff Yastine clearly enjoyed during his work as a news anchor was helping his audience get incredible investment opportunities. He would scope the market and find companies that promised investors a good percentage of returns and recommend them to the audience. This not only saw many people get rich watching his show, it gave him an opportunity to invest for himself as well. Today, he continues to do the same thing at Bayan Hill Publishing. He writes articles that are informative to his readers and recommends to the investing opportunities available in the market. More info can be found at

Sahm Adrangi; The Business Mogul

Mr. Sahm Adrangi was born in 1981. When 22, he became a graduate of the University of Yale with a Bachelor’s in Economics. A year later, he began his career. He started off as an analyst for Deutsche Bank. While at the bank, he helped organize and configure its high yield bonds and non-structure grade debt.

Almost one year later, he moved from Deutsche and started working for Chanin Capital Partners as still an analyst. This was a company that dealt with bankruptcy recruiting where he offered advice to creditors outside and inside the court. After a while, he then started working as an investment analyst at Longacre Fund Management. In all the corporations that Mr. Adrangi has worked for, he left having made a positive impact.

Sahm Adrangi’s greatest achievement is the founding of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC in the year 2009. He launched the company with under a million dollars, and the company currently rates at a hundred and fifty million dollars less than a decade later. Since its founding, Mr. Adrangi has taken part in several aspects of Kerrisdale’s growth and progression.

Sahm Adrangi, through Kerrisdale, first came into the lime lite in 2010 when he brought to light the fraudulence in many Chinese Companies like Lihua Education Alliance and China-Biotics among others.

Kerrisdale Capital Management is known for publishing and vending research. The corporation focuses mainly on three sectors. The first is the Biotechnology sector having printed research on companies like Sage Therapeutics, Pulse Biosciences, Unilife, Zafgen, and Bavarian Nordic. In addition to the Biotechnology sector, it also focuses on the mining sector where it has published research on mining prospects. Finally, the other industry of focus is the telecommunications sector.

In addition to his publication work, Sahm Adrangi is also an active investor and a speaker at various global conferences like Trader 4 a Cause, and the Distressed Debt Investing Conference among many others. He has also been interviewed in a multiple of networks like CBN, and his research has also been published in various places like the New York Times. At just 32 years-of-age, Adrangi has made quite a name for himself and is one to watch out for.

James Larkin: Activist for the Ages

James Larkin was a British activist, known for his work as a unionist. Most notably, he founded the Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union. The ITGWU basically initiated the Irish Labour movement. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Larkin called for fairer treatment of workers, he wanted to ensure that workers had work days of a decent length, that there was provision for the unemployed and pensions in place for workers when they got older. In fact, he lead the 1913 Dublin Lockout in which a huge number of workers went on strike for about eight months.

The strike resulted in the worker’s winning their right to fair employment. Larkin grew up poor and had very little education. This probably contributed to his popularity, in that he was a man working to help people just like him.

Though Jim Larkin’s work was held in high-esteem by some, some found him to be quite controversial. Terms such as “socialist” and “communism” and “criminal anarchy” have all been thrown around when discussing his work. He had actually been arrested and then absolved of “criminal anarchy” charges. Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Some people did not like his method of leading strikes, it has even been referred to as “militant” in some cases. All in all, however, Larkin’s work did mostly good for people. One famous James Larkin quote is ” A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay”. This simple phrase is something that still applies to society today.

Larkin is an example of the strong, determined activists we need in this world in order to make it a better place for everyone.


Ted Bauman predicts inflationary doom as a consequence of tax cuts

Just the other day, Ted Bauman wrote an article depicting that the tax cuts passed by the House of Representatives will only spur inflation and not investment as many tend to think. This is so because workers will definitely demand for higher pay from their employers as President Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues promised. If the corporations bow down to this pressure and increase their worker’s wages, there will be more money in the consumer economy which will in turn demand and consequently more hiring and in overall creating wage inflation. The wage inflation will also cause price inflation and the other way round. Visit Ted Bauman at to know more.

Ted went further to foresee that the above situation will make the Federal Reserve Bank to raise interest rates more vigorously than they would have without the tax cuts in an attempt to curb the runaway inflation. This, Ted says, will happen under immense pressure from the politicians who will want to limit how much high the rates can go in order to keep the economy vibrant. He says that even as the cost of living continues to hike, the fixed-income investments will still continue to perform poorly. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will do little to change the situation leading to reckless lending which in turn means that there will be more money in the economy which will only make matters worse.

The huge amounts of cash from the reduced corporate tax cuts and tax cuts for the rich at the top of the income pyramid and also repatriation of returns will push what Ted considers one of the most dangerous types of inflation namely the stock market bubble to even higher heights to the breaking point. In summary, Ted Bauman predicts strong inflationary tendencies, a weak fixed income performance and above all an increasingly growing asset price bubble.

Who is Ted Bauman?

Since 2013, Ted Bauman has been serving as the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing. As an expert experienced in asset protection and low-risk investment he also serves the editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

Ted’s expertise is also unrivaled when it comes to matters international migration and emerging privacy issues which is the reason he made a conscious and deliberate decision to help everyday individuals to make wise and sound investment decisions.

Ted is a current resident of Atlanta, Georgia where he lives with his family.

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Matt Badiali Gives An Insight Into The Fate Of Uranium In 2018

Commodities sold in the international market must adhere to the dictates of demand and supply. When a particular product gets produced in more quantities than its demand in the market, its prices are bound to plummet to unimaginable proportions.

Many reasons can lead to such a thing happening to a commodity, and in the case of uranium, it is its enormous potential to cause catastrophic disasters. From recent forecast, it got revealed that there was an excess uranium product of 20 million pounds for the year 2018 with no demand or buyers for it.

True to the earlier statement of demand and supply the prices of uranium are significantly very low as compared to years earlier than the year 2010. The fate of uranium prices got sealed after March 2011 after the disaster that struck Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Earlier that year in January the prices of uranium had hit all-time high selling a pound at $ 72.50 in the international market. Suddenly after March, no one wanted the commodity anymore and as such the downfall begun with its prices falling steadily for the next six years and finally hitting its lowest price in 2016 with a pound of uranium going for $ 18.75.

In percentage, the drop in the price of uranium was 74 percent. The price in 2016 for uranium was the lowest ever experienced in more than a decade. This fall in demand and price was shocking considering the potential the commodity had in the production of energy.

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Uranium had gotten embraced as the energy source that would ultimately rescue the earth from the pollution caused by the burning of hydrocarbons. It was safe to say that it was a “green” energy source, but after the disaster in Japan, no one wanted to get associated with its use.

Recent price indicators have revealed a change to come for the price of uranium with prospects that 2018 hold for the commodity. If we are to continue with the slow rise in the prices of uranium experienced in 2017, then the future of uranium is beginning to look bright again. This increase was due to production companies cutting down their production thus reducing the surplus already in the market.

As an expert in the mining industry, Matt Badiali is an exceptional man with vast knowledge concerning natural resources. His career has enabled him to travel to different countries associated with the mining industry.

Through his acquired knowledge he advises investors in the same industry on how to invest in potential commodities that would, in turn, earn them profits.

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Ted Bauman’s Advise For Innovation in Investing

For anyone attempting to make a habit of getting the most out of the stock market, there are two old sayings which create a very useful dialogue on the subject. The first saying goes that a wise man and never confuses the exception with the rule. The second piece of advice follows as only he who sees the invisible achieves the impossible or improbable. And, therein between those truisms lives the secret to all around money making success from the S&P 500. This little attitude requires a little bit of explaining and not one bit of adjustment. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

The S&P is an index which uses a rating system to establish a hierarchy among companies traded on the market. The weight comes from the total amount of shares outstanding for the company. Meaning that its potential growth that is the actual indicator for placement in the index. This means that the Exchange-Traded Funds (EFT) on the index have a somewhat skewed look where the bigger companies appear to be doing way better than the others. This is just how data collection works and you’re just going to have to understand that it explains a phenomenon. But, it’s not the actual phenomenon happening.

As a matter fact, larger companies tend to underperform on average in the market, and it is their size and inertia that makes them the forces to be reckoned with. The best way to think of it is something like an older brother picking on his younger siblings even though they may be smarter and faster. There’s just more of him and so the fight goes one way. That’s just what happens when you have been on the block longer than others. And in keeping with the younger sibling analogy, it is true that if you kind of reverse engineer an investment strategy not centered around the top performer, there are profits to be made. It’s just like how everyone knows the younger brother will stay cuter longer. Read more at to know more on Ted Bauman

In the long run, going with a reverse weighted strategy is a sure way to make gainful returns on investment using steadier variables. The only problem with this appears to be that if it’s going to be of any use there has to be some type of true longevity involved and wherewithal as well. But, there’s nothing that says a person can’t go with smart money and reverse weighted investment. Although, it most definitely takes a polished approach, so as not to cultivate conflicts of interest and possible recoil.