How Stream Energy Can Help You Stay Connected To Your Home

Many people have experienced that sinking feeling of opening their energy bill and having their jaw drop at how much higher it was then was expected. Their thoughts then turn to how they can reduce the amount of energy they use so that they don’t experience this very unpleasant surprise again.

The solution is often doing something about all of the gadgets they own that are plugged in 24/7. Many of these devices are consuming power all the time while in standby mode and not in active use (TechNewsSpy). Known as Energy Vampires, they are always on. While one on its own might not draw that much power collectively it can add up to a very substantial amount of energy and thus high energy bills.

Some gadgets don’t consume that much power while in standby mode, such as coffee makers. However, unplugging it when not in use can save roughly $1 a year. More substantial amounts of money can be saved by unplugging them when not in use, such as DVR’s. You can save about $37 a year by cutting its power off.

One area you can save a lot of money is your entertainment center. Put everything there on a power strip and cut everything’s power at once. This can save you $130 a year.

Stream Energy is a company that can help people keep track of their energy use. They also offer other services such as home, wireless, and protective services. This company, based in Dallas, Texas, was first founded in 2004. The founders of the company were Pierre Koshajki and Rob Snyder. It is led by Larry Mondry who serves as the company’s chief executive officer and president.

The services that Stream Energy offers to customers can be used as a way to monitor their homes no matter where they are ( They stay connected and informed about what is happening in their homes. Their energy services are available in several states including New York, Illinois, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas, New Jersey, as well as Washington D.C. The other services they provide can be accessed anywhere in the United States.