Jason Hope Sees Coming Massive Investments In The Internet Of Things

Entrepreneur Jason Hope has long been touting the coming opportunities that will be created for entrepreneurs of the future by the Internet of Things.

The technologies that make up the IoT, still in their infancy, promise to create entire new industries, which will provide plenty of room for first-movers to make a name for themselves and a fortune.

Some examples of this include the entire field of robotics. Although that industry is itself quite old, dating to the early ’70s for the first widespread adoption of robotic devices in manufacturing, the invention of things like the Robot Operating System, a standard protocol for programming robotics, and other developments mean that the industry is ripe for innovation. Some startups, such as Boston Robotics, have already had a keen eye cast their direction by various branches of the military. This is a promising field indeed.

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But Jason Hope also sees the coming revolution as being a great thing for the average, everyday consumer. People will reap huge benefits by such things as smart climate control for their homes. Hope believes that the ability of household appliances and even previously dumb devices, such as windows and doors, to collect massive amount of usable data will transform everyone’s daily lives through the application of big data techniques for optimization. Jason Hope says that smart climate control within a fully autonomous environment installed in homes could easily save the average homeowner thousands per year in heating and cooling costs. Hope believes that these kinds of savings will also be seen with self-driving cars.

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