The Answer to Success

The world can be an interesting and difficult place to navigate, especially if you are a man from an ethnic group that is not looked highly upon in the country you reside in. Such is the case for Dr. Saad Saad, an Arabic man who gained his medical degree from the University of Egypt and moved to the United States of America in order to find solace and opportunity. Dr. Saad has decided to retire from his job as a pediatric surgeon after forty two productive years of service. As he transitions into retirement he is willing to offer different levels of advice for anyone who is willing to listen and abide by them. This advice is not only beneficial for medical staff and doctors, it is also useful for anyone seeking success in their lives.


Goal setting is a useful tool for anyone who wants to be successful in the adult world. Educators attempt to do this through reaching national education standards and the work that they give their students. The goal is to not only teach academic material but also personal accountability and responsibility. Setting short term and long term personal goals assists in building responsibility and allows you to work towards something beneficial, which can inspire and motivate. Those who are goal oriented often find themselves reaping the benefits later on in life, as Dr. Saad has stated.


Procrastination is a dangerous problem that many people around the world face. It stops them from completing important tasks and ends up building more work and waste of time later on. Dr. Saad recommends that if you have a task to complete and have the time to do it then instead of waiting until later you should really just do it and get it out of the way. Not only does this save time later and frees up the ability for you to enjoy life but it also means you are being productive, which is a rare and quality trait for any professional to acquire.


Dr. Saad Saad has spent his life work developing ways to cure ailments of children through his work as a medical professional and chief surgeon. His hard work has led him to be respected in a foreign country, as a man identifying as an ethnic group that has not been viewed positively lately. His effort has allowed him to find levels of success that few people are able to witness and has identified him as not only a wise man but as a possible mentor for those entering in the medical field. Even though he is retiring the knowledge that Dr. Saad has can be an example for anyone who is seeking life’s answers. Learn more: