Jorge Moll is changing the Face of Healthcare in Brazil

Jorge Moll is on a mission to restore Rio de Janeiro to its former glory of being the center of medicine in Brazil. A professional cardiologist and businessman, Moll managed to build a network of hospitals in Brazil that offer quality healthcare to the growing population.


In the 1970s, Rio de Janeiro was the pinnacle of quality healthcare for the whole Brazil. However, things changed in the 90s when Brazil was hit by an economic crisis that drove the cost of healthcare up. Many Brazilians resulted to alternative medical plans that had less coverage and often with a compromise in quality.


Jorge Moll noticed this problem and decided to take action. He went on to form Rede D’Or Sao Luiz, a company that runs a network of hospitals in Brazil. Mr. Moll admits the journey was not easy especially with how much debt he was left with when trying to make his plan take off. Eventually, Rede D’Or Sao Luiz broke even and went on a rapid acquisition of spaces to build and manage hospitals.


Today, Jorge Moll is in charge of over 32 hospitals in his networks. He reveals that the first step was to establish a series of medical institutions in Rio de Janeiro. This would give a convenient access to healthcare for the locals who had to rely on the few affordable hospitals that were around.


The next strategy was to improve the quality of healthcare that the network of hospitals was providing (Scholar.Google). Jorge Moll also came up with a new medical plan known as the Total Health Management Model. His idea was to establish a structure that provided subsidized healthcare to all Brazilians while minimizing on wastage of resources. Today, Mr. Moll’s networks of hospitals make the most of their manpower and equipment and ensure that every patient is treated in a professional and hospitable manner.


Jorge Moll wants to restore the confidence residents of Rio de Janeiro had on their healthcare system. He not only wants to expand his healthcare network, but he also wants to ensure that clients receive quality healthcare they can believe in. The plan is already working as more patients are leaving the low-quality SUS medical plans to embrace this new model established by Jorge Moll.

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