Drew Madden Agrees with AHIMA on Trends Likely to Shape Health Data Management in 2018

Technology has been credited with revolutionizing nearly all the sectors of the American economy. The healthcare industry is among the sectors have witnessed tremendous changes in the recent past courtesy of technology and revolutionary entrepreneurs. But while we praise technology for its transformative nature in healthcare, American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is convinced that the American healthcare industry has not realized the full potential of technology. AHIMA, an organization interested in health information management, predicts that 2018 will be a vibrant year with experts hell-bent on improving health data management.

Health data management is a vast field with several related components. However, AHIMA pointed out to specific areas that are likely to witness marked activity. They include

  • informatics
  • information governance
  • data analytics
  • privacy and security
  • clinical documentation improvement

Obviously, change will be implemented by entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector. Entrepreneurs in data analysis, clinical documentation, and other related areas will be the primary drivers of change, according to AHIMA.

Electronic health records (EHRs) have revolutionized how patient information can be accessed. However, users of HER platforms have expressed their dissatisfaction with the complicated process of capturing data in EHR platforms. AHIMA believes that 2018 is the year that processes that capture data in EHRs will be streamlined.

According to AHIMA, privacy and security of patient data are set to improve. The organization leverages the proposed 21st Century Cures Act and HITECH Act to argue out its case. Some of the provisions in the acts such as penalty sharing, guidance on mental health information, data sharing, etc. will solve some problems related to privacy and security.

AHIMA notes that there are new and specialty areas of healthcare such as home health, rehab units, long-term care, psychiatric facilities, etc. that lack proper documentation. However, AHIMA is optimistic that clinical documentation improvement specialists will consider such areas this year.

Drew Madden

A managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden is passionate about technology applied to improve healthcare. Drew Madden is particularly interested in electronic medical records and has over ten years of experience in matters EMR. Before joining Evergreen, Drew Madden was the president of Nordic Consulting Partners.