Brian Torchin: From Chiropractor to World Leading Medical Staffing Coordinator

Brian Torchin is the CEO, founder, and Medical Staff Coordinator at Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC). Brian drew on his own experiences as a Chiropractic doctor and his entrepreneurial spirit to found HCRC. HCRC is based out of Philadelphia and supplies medical staff support to all 50 states as well as Asia, Canada, Europe, and Austrailia.

They cover a wide range of medical professions including chiropractic, dental, medical, and podiatry staff needs to name a few. HCRC also offers legal staffing as well. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

A very good advantage to used HCRC to staff medical or legal facilities is you know you’re getting quality over quantity. HCRC has a history for selecting top-notch medical and legal professionals. They stand behind them, and everyone goes through a rigorous screening process before getting hired.

Brian Torchin is an active presence on social media, and in this digital age, you have to be to stay relevant. A look at his facebook shows someone who is very business-oriented. This is information about his company, HCRC, as well as posts talking about available spots for hiring. There is also a link to his Chiropractic group on facebook, as well as information and links to his twitter and LinkedIn profile.

Through the HCRC website. Brian posts blogs that give tips on a wide variety of topics. The tips are focused on how to select professional, quality candidates for a medical staffing company and how to provide excellent patient care with a welcoming environment.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin was featured on several media outlets, including a piece on CNN iReport. He has also been featured on Topix, Simply Hired, the, and the Digital Journal all praising him on his success with HCRC. Brian Torchin has revolutionized the medical and legal staffing industry and his success just keeps getting better and better with every year.