Creative Congestion Solutions Proposed by CTRMA

Traffic congestion in Austin, Texas will continue to grow as an issue, and technology may the only solution. Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority understands that there needs to be multiple ways to address this issue.

The CTRMA works towards solving those mobility issues that face congested areas, like Austin. Sometimes a simple road is the fix, but sometimes it is more than a road. According to Crunchbase, the CTRMA is not a private company, but a local agency created by the people of both Travis and Williamson Counties. The agency examines issues that face communities who experience exponential growth.

MoPac express lanes and variable tolling are two solutions that they are looking at now. These solutions will allow certain lanes, at different costs, to keep flowing, while others may not flow as quickly. This technology allows drivers to choose their mobility to and from a destination.

At the CTRMA, they also anticipate technology. As new roads are being built, they are installing fiber lines, which anticipate the days in which cars will be able to talk to the roads.

Also, they worked with Metropia to create a real time app that helps drivers find alternate routes to avoid congestion. They are also working to encourage carpooling with a company called Carma. Too many drivers drive alone, equaling close to 900,000 empty car seats a day. Different and various solutions can help to cut down on traffic congestion. Learn more about Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority:

Driving solutions are not the only ones on the table. Walking and bicycling are also encouraged as alternatives to vehicles. Shared use paths are popping up all over the city. In addition to the paths, a bicycle/pedestrian bridge is being constructed over the MoPac lanes to encourage even less vehicles on the road.

Congestion is the focus of these solutions. Too many drivers on the road cause others to start and stop, because they are getting off and on the highway.