Organo Gold Has Come Up With A Unique Way Of Getting Its Products Out To The Public:

Organo Gold is a company that got its start back in 2008 and utilizes a unique and innovative network marketing business model to distribute its high-quality products that include gourmet coffees, teas and nutraceutical products as well. The company also distributes its own line of products designed for personal care. The company’s flagship product is its Organo Gold Coffee. This coffee is a special and unique product because it is infused with Ganoderma Lucidum. This unique mushroom is full of substances that  provide many health benefits. As of today, Organo Gold is now running operations in forty-five of the world’s nations. The Ganoderma Lucidum provides desirable effects on energy and immune system functioning to name a few.

The origins of Organo Gold and its unique network marketing approach to the distribution of its high-quality products came during the 2008 calendar year when the firm was founded by Bernardo Chua. Bernardo established for Organo Gold an advisory board that was based on science. A unique aspect of Organo Gold and its business model is the fact that the products the company sells cannot be found on any shelves of any stores. Organo Gold has its products distributed by its network of independent distributors who make a nice commission off of the sales of the Organo Gold products that they themselves purchase at a wholesale price from the company directly.

For any company like Organo Gold to succeed, it has to have a winning line of products. This is certainly the case with Organo Gold as the company offers an impressive line of products that are infused with the beneficial Ganoderma mushrooms. Beyond the coffee that the company is famous for, it also produces an outstanding line of products that include green tea, nutraceutical supplements, infused lattes and hot chocolates. Another great thing is the fact that these amazing products are making people some real money as independent distributors.

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Women Across The Country Are Stepping Up Thanks To Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is in a very good position since she founded Bumble and took up the lead position as CEO. Not even 30 years old and Whitney has amassed a fortune through her business prowess. Bumble is currently one of the fastest growing dating applications on the market and has more than 20 million total users around the world. Although Whitney Wolfe had prior experience working at Tinder, which is where she was before she made the move to start up her own dating platform, unfortunate events meant she had to depart early from the company. After filing a sexual harassment case against the co-founder of Tinder, Whitney decided to move on and focus on empowering women out there through her own means. For latest update connect with Whitney Wolfe on Twitter.

When it comes to Bumble, women have all of the control and therefore they can avoid the problem men out there looking to harass them. Since women are approached much more frequently, it can be difficult to have pleasant or single conversations, not to mention to guys who start to be unpleasant. Because of this, Whitney Wolfe made it so women on Bumble are able to make the first move, while men have to wait for women to contact them. In this manner, women have no pressure on them and can take things at their own pace without any sort of harassment.

According to Whitney Wolfe, there will be more features added in the future of the dating app that will help women who do not know where to begin. As a victim of harassment and egocentric men herself, Whitney knows the difficulty for women in getting back out there and trying to find someone. One of the biggest features that Whitney wants to incorporate into Bumble is conversation starters for women, to help them make the first move and get back to conversing, regardless of prior experiences on other platforms.

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Separating Fact From Fiction With Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

When Matt Badiali recently uploaded a video explaining the ins and outs of Freedom Checks, it was shared thousands of times. While the information contained within was crucial, there are still those who find themselves wondering whether Freedom Checks are free money or not.

Freedom Checks are the furthest thing from free money and Matt Badiali is here to dispel all of the nations you may have on the matter. These checks are not provided to anyone who is willing to give up their credit card number. Read this article at

They are issued as the result of your investment in companies that have followed the rules that pertain to Statute 26-F. This statute allows companies to operate tax free as long as they are generating 90 percent of their income through the storage, transportation, processing and production of our nation’s natural resources.

Once these conditions have been established, the company is then required to pay out Freedom Checks to all of the shareholders who have invested in the company. Badiali is also providing access to master limited partnerships.

These partnerships are provided as a means of allowing companies to serve as pass through businesses. They do not have to worry about paying any federal taxes as long as they are willing to pass along a share of their profits to the shareholders.

As a result of these arrangements, companies end up spending far more money on these payouts than they make in profits that are taxable. Instead of using these funds to invest in the maintenance of the company, the funds are passed through directly to the consumer.

Badiali recommends the proper companies to invest in and he has a few rules for making these decisions. It all starts by choosing the companies that have a proven track record. This strategy simply boils down to picking the managers that you have already taken the time to research. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

Secondly, researchers must take the time to look at the payouts that are being delivered to make sure that they are increasing on a consistent basis. The companies that Badiali recommends are companies that show a steady level of growth year after year.

A company that Badiali recommends will also need to have at least $1 billion worth of assets that are classified as “In Demand“. Investors who wish to maximize the investments must look into the amount of raw materials that the company controls. The level of demand for the raw materials must remain high going forward. Check: