New Single Out by The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have been a musical group for a number of years and have been appearing on the billboard charts since around 2015. They have had a number of charted hits on the list over the last few years with their first top 10 hit called Roses back in 2015. Their music has changed and evolved in time and many people feel that they are now showing the darker side to their musical abilities. The most recent release of Sick Boy has shown many of their fans just what talent they have.

The group is comprised of the main duo of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart and they feature many electronically produced sounds in their creations. Drew Taggart also became the groups singer once their careers began to flourish. His talent knows no bounds and both he and Alex write and produce most of their material. They have proven to show their musical abilities over the years and their fan base is huge. Fans have watched them grow and change and have followed them wherever they have traveled musically.

The duo feels that their influences in music is so varied that it has allowed them to combine all of the different styles into one of their own making it unique. They could produce pop, rock or any other type of music but have decided to take a different road musically in combining many varieties of styles. They feel, and their fans agree, that this has allowed them to make more top 10 records.

Only time will tell how far these two multi talented people can go and just where their next phase will take them. They are always developing their musical talents and seeing more of their hits on the charts will not be surprising. The Chainsmokers should be around for many more years.