How Glen Wakeman is Assisting Start-up Firms with Valuable Entrepreneurial Advice

Glen Wakeman in the current CEO of Launchpad Holdings, a firm that deals with the development of software that assists early-stage businesspeople with online business planning services. He co-founded Launchpad in 2015. Launchpad Holdings uses a proven methodology that relies on five fundamental dimensions of performance namely, Leadership, Human Capital, Execution, Risk Management and Governance. The Launchpad Toolkit, for instance, is a software that has a broad library complete with tips and suggestions that guide early entrepreneurs as they launch their first business.

Glen graduated from the University of Scranton in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance. He also holds a Master of Arts in Finance that he obtained in 1993 from the University of Chicago. Glen is known worldwide as a successful investor, Financial Services Expert, CEO and mentor executive to a lot of people in the business world. Glen has a deep passion for building businesses by working on individual and corporate agility to enhance innovation, business growth, and executive development. Currently, he offers counsel to C-level executives from startups like Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees.

He launched his career by working for GE Capital where the firm’s Board recognized Glen as a Growth Leadership role model (DailyForexReport). He also established the Nova Four and currently provides CEO coaching and performs Board duties at the firm.

As an investor and writer, Glen Wakeman continues to offer pieces of advice through blog posts about financial matters. He blogs about business transformation, emerging markets, angel financing, guidance on business strategy and management. He is particularly excited about the introduction of machine learning that he believes, will improve decision making, work speed and overall quality of production. Having been in charge of business operations in 30 countries and living in six countries, Glen Wakeman has the expertise and experience in financial management in Businesses.

Richard Blair Provides His Clients With Sound Legal Advice

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions comes from a long line of teachers. His mother and his grandmother were teachers and they gave him a lifelong love of learning and the wish to impart knowledge on others. He combined his love of knowledge with his natural talent at managing finances to create Wealth Solutions in 1994 and help individuals, families, and small businesses in Austin, Texas reach their financial goals. He has been providing people in Austin, Texas with sound financial advice ever since. Richard Blair does his best to give his clients unbiased, objective, and sound financial advice with no conflicts of interest.


Wealth Solutions is a registered investment advisory in Austin, Texas that follows a strict financial planning process created by Richard Blair. Blair believes everyone needs a strong financial strategy, so he aims to provide his clients the best possible wealth management services and retirement planning services.


Wealth Solutions uses a 3 pillar approach to help their clients manage their financial assets and plan for retirement in the most effective way that suits their needs and preferences.


Pillar 1 is to help the client identify their risk tolerance, goals, strengths, and growth opportunities. A financial roadmap will be laid out in this pillar to show the clients’ wealth and retirement potential.


Pillar 2 is when a long-term strategy is developed and implemented to allow the client meet their financial goals. This is customized for every client. During this pillar, Richard reallocated and manages the client’s assets to make them work more efficiently, maximizing gains when the market is positive and minimizing losses when the market is negative.Learn more :


Pillar 3 is when Richard meets their insurance needs, including long-term care, life insurance, and annuities to keep his clients as secure as possible for anything that may happen.Learn more :


For over two decades, Richard Blair has helped the people of Austin, Texas manage their assets and plan for their retirement in effective and realistic ways to let themselves live a financially secure future. Thanks to his grandmother and mother, Richard Blair will continue teaching and helping people with their financials in Austin, Texas.




The Swiss Startup Factory And Its Founder Mike Baur

Mike Baur in the year 2014 started a new business venture. The Swiss Startup Factory was founded in Zurich, Switzerland. Mike comes from a very s successful part of his life when he was working in the banking business. For over twenty years in the banking business felt the the need to start a new career in his life. The Swiss Startup Factory was born.


Mike Baur is the co-founder and executive chairman at the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur main goal at the Swiss Startup Factory is to work at financing for start up companies in Switzerland. Mike back in 2016 started his accelerated program.


Under his Accelerator Program small startup companies can go from the very basics needs in getting their new business off the ground with various ways of teaching these new entrepreneurs with coaching on how to get financing,mentoring,services,office space, and access to more entrepreneurial investors and investor network.


Along with Jean Pierre Vuilleumier the Managing Director of CTI Invest. Mike Baur teaches two basic reasons to starting The Swiss Startup Factory Accelerator Program, being the value of help to build up new small Swiss factories along with small digital access companies to flourish in Switzerland. Second Mike would like to instruct The young and old workers in these startup companies the essentials in the importance of a good work ethic you need to make these new companies very successful.


One of the big differences the Startup Factory has is Mike and his partners have invested their own money in these small startup companies. With no other stake holders in these companies it is vital that Mike and his company The Swiss Startup Factory mentor the new startup as much as they can because they are fully vested in the success and growth of these companies.


Mike Baur feels that the innovation of the Swiss Startup Factory along with the Accelerator Program, will have have a powerful impact on the economic success of Switzerland for today and the future. Mike feels one the biggest challenges in the future is to keep finding new investors for the new startup companies.


With Mike and his strong background in banking and his forward thinking in helping new companies getting started the economic future in Switzerland is looking brighter.