José Borghi is a promoter of highly creative advertisements in Brazil

Mullen Lowe’s founder, José Borghi, is renowned as the owner of one of Brazil’s most lucrative advertising agencies. The commercial enterprise, used to be called, Borghi Lowe. The firm, is famous for standing out in Brazil’s top listing, of the most distinguished and dazzling publicity agencies. José Borghi, is the leader behind producing the incredibly trendy commercial, displayed all over Brazil. The promotional advertisement was designed around kids, singing and dancing, while wearing a range of costumes, to appear as stuffed animals.

José Borghi’s unusually productive occupational foray into the advertisement arena, blossomed out of an array of worries, with more than a few, impediments for José to surmount. While José was in middle school, José experienced a succession of misgivings, to the occupational direction that he should pursue. These reservations, vacated, soon after his sister, invited José to go and witness a cycle of marketing videos that were on display, at the Castro Neves Theater. The theater put on a large assortment, of the top, successful promotional videos, that were airing in Brazil. The featured videos, had each received an awarding, of the esteemed Lion Award, which is only available, from Cannes. During the viewing of the videos, José felt encouraged and dreamt of getting his hands on a coveted Lion Award, too. This need, fueled José to prepare for his future career, to engage in creative advertising promotions, as his avenue to success.

José worked many years, at scores of advertising endeavors, all over Brazil, including the prominent FCB and DDB. Eventually, generating his own advertising project. José and his associate, Erh Ray, produced the promotional agency, BorghiErh. The deeds of their agency, acquired the interest of the promotional agency, Lowe. They combined, to form Mullen Lowe, with their partner, Mullen Group.