Fortress Investment Group Buys Tiffany & Company Building

There were many sales in Miami-Dade County of Florida for the month of September 2918. Among the biggest purchasing priced properties was the Tiffany & Company building. This is the Tiffany & Company building that sits on Worth Avenue. The purchase of the building at 259 Worth Avenue was bought by Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group paid $20 million for the building. The investment group has not yet made an announcement as to their pl Tans for the building. We can only assume their plans are to create another working office for their investment group. They might also have plans to redevelop the land. For the moment only the details of the sale are being disclosed.

There were other large sales in the Miami area during September 2018 as well. Some of these sales included the purchase of the Sports Authority building by the Home Depot. The Home Depot company plans to expand its store that is currently next door to the Sports Authority building. The building has been vacant since the Sports Authority filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in 2016. The Home Depot acquired the building for $8.1 million.

Fortress Investment Group is a diversified investment planning organization. They have investment portfolios for an array of companies. These companies range in what they do. It comes as no surprise that the Fortress Investment Group would make such a large purchase. The one who was surprised was the owner of the Tiffany & Company building. They expected to receive $40 million from the sale.

There are many mixed reviews about Fortress. Those who have worked for the company have many pros and positives to say. They have all taken away an excellent learning experience from the job. The wages at Fortress range from $18 per hour for an intern to nearly $200 thousand per year for the Vice President.

In conclusion, this article discussed the Fortress Investment Group. We discussed the recent purchase of the Tiffany & Company building near Palm Beach, Florida. We also discussed another recent purchase made by the Home Depot. We finished our discussion with a little about Fortress.

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