Betsy Devos and the Educational Choice Movement

Betsy Devos is one of the most polarizing figures in America’s education system. Some people love the fiery education reformer who has taken on hundreds of interviews since being appointed to the office of the 11th US Education Secretary. There’s no question that she has been working for this all of her life, but it has been a difficult road at times, especially when asked whether she thinks that she has been successful.


After just two years in office, Devos has gotten a lot done in the name of education reform. In a recent interview with “60 Minutes,” Devos talks about the states where the most success in education reform had been achieved. She believed Florida was the most successful due to the number of education choice programs now available for students, as well as a tuition-based scholarship program.


Devos has never been shy about philanthropy. The Devos Family foundation has donated $139 million and continues to dole out funds to different charities and organizations to support their goals. From a Christian, public school education household, Betsy Devos knows that she draws her inspiration from her mother, who worked as a teacher. Education is the biggest motivator for Devos who has been working to help states regain power over their school systems.


Devos has received a lot of criticism from public school teachers. For one, she has never worked as a teacher or administrator, and they believe that public funding will be used to support private education. Devos states that most funding for private school programs comes from philanthropy. She has several donors who are doling out big bucks to support the educational choice movement. These are donors such as Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton.


For the next two years, Devos will continue to focus on education reform. She wants to help students and parents get to where they can pick where they want to go school, especially when a student isn’t doing so well in a failed school zone. Devos believes that students shouldn’t have to base where they get an education from based on a zip code either.


President Trump also placed Betsy Devos in charge of school safety reform. With the rise of school shootings, Betsy Devos has been grilled about what she thinks is the most appropriate action. Should teachers have guns? Devos said that she didn’t want it to come to that, and that she was working with legislators for ideas that are safe for all and ensure that no guns will be on school campuses.


Devos has a little less than two years to spread her message of educational reform. It will be more clear how successful these programs are towards 2020.


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