People First at Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John’s Pizza has been a staple in the pizza and pizza delivery market for decades and continues to be so under the observant eye of new CEO Steve Ritchie. It has become apparent that Papa John’s Pizza is 100% committed to not just providing delicious pizza and top quality service to its customers, but to also provide its employees and team members with a voice of their own to ultimately take Papa John’s Pizza to a whole new level.

The success of Papa John’s Pizza is rooted in providing delicious pizza to customers worldwide, pizza that starts as a mere ball of dough in the hands of a Papa John’s Pizza employee. Understanding this, Ritchie decided to take a trip to several cities across the United States to meet with employees and franchise owners of Papa John’s Pizza to get a better understanding of what is truly driving the company.

Papa John’s mission statement is an acronym of P.A.P.A. and states “People Are Priority Always.” Ritchie understands that Papa John’s Pizza is centered around people and understanding the people and the communities they serve was Ritchie’s top interest while visiting Papa John’s Pizza locations throughout the country. Ritchie visited stores in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and Detroit and after speaking with employees and franchise owners Ritchie discovered that each store was more than just a pizza place with employees but a team of managers, drivers, pizza makers and even more importantly, members of their communities. Ritchie discovered that these team members that consider each other almost as family is what makes Papa Johns’s Pizza such a pillar in the communities it serves as well as a continued leader in the pizza industry.

This journey that Steve Ritchie Papa Johns took and the discovery he made about the impact that Papa John’s Pizza has in communities nationwide has further committed Ritchie into striving forward and continuing to grow Papa John’s Pizza. CEO Steve Ritchie has vowed to supply customers with great products as well as great experiences with those people that represent Papa John’s Pizza at every location nationwide, and to continuously provide employees and team members with their own voice as they are representatives of the communities they proudly serve.

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