How Victoria Doramus Overcame Her Cocaine Addiction

As with all substances, the most pronounced consequences of cocaine addiction include social and psychological effects. However, with cocaine, they appear faster than with most drugs. If you’re a cocaine addict, you can rest assured that you’ve hurt your family as well as friends. Like in the case of Victoria Doramus, the addiction occurs in the brain thereby ruining the user’s life.

Doramus has overcome many challenges. She currently holds many positions in the community. For instance, she’s a market trend analyst with a clear understanding of the industry and various retail trends. She also has a history in creative arts. She has worked in different firms in the media industry including Stila Cosmetics and Trendera. Doramus also worked for Peter Borg as a personal assistant. If you think she’s had it all easy, then you’ll be shocked to learn that Doramus battled cocaine addiction at the age of 26.

Doramus was also an alcohol addict, but she finally overcame her issues. She uses her experiences to help addicts overcome drug addiction. Although the process was long and challenging, she overcame her misery and started living a healthy life. Now working as an expert in drug addiction and recovery, Doramus shares her life-story as inspiration to others.

Doramus always showed an interest in communication. Having enrolled at the University of Colorado, she majored in mass communication. She also had a particular interest in art and history. She majored in history and development to sharpen her skills in the two subjects. Being a digital and print media guru with creative acumen, Doramus has an excellent work history and reputation with many clients.

Victoria Doramus started her career at Mindshare where she worked as a media planner. She worked with vendors and produced branded content that facilitated referrals. Over the years, Victoria Doramus landed additional employment opportunities in different firms including Stila Cosmetics where she served as the creative consultant. She has extensive space to partner with the director of arts and integrate various campaign projects.

Like many addicts, Doramus hit rock bottom and almost gave up. She checked into rehab in Connecticut to regain her normal life.

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