Organo Gold Has Come Up With A Unique Way Of Getting Its Products Out To The Public:

Organo Gold is a company that got its start back in 2008 and utilizes a unique and innovative network marketing business model to distribute its high-quality products that include gourmet coffees, teas and nutraceutical products as well. The company also distributes its own line of products designed for personal care. The company’s flagship product is its Organo Gold Coffee. This coffee is a special and unique product because it is infused with Ganoderma Lucidum. This unique mushroom is full of substances that  provide many health benefits. As of today, Organo Gold is now running operations in forty-five of the world’s nations. The Ganoderma Lucidum provides desirable effects on energy and immune system functioning to name a few.

The origins of Organo Gold and its unique network marketing approach to the distribution of its high-quality products came during the 2008 calendar year when the firm was founded by Bernardo Chua. Bernardo established for Organo Gold an advisory board that was based on science. A unique aspect of Organo Gold and its business model is the fact that the products the company sells cannot be found on any shelves of any stores. Organo Gold has its products distributed by its network of independent distributors who make a nice commission off of the sales of the Organo Gold products that they themselves purchase at a wholesale price from the company directly.

For any company like Organo Gold to succeed, it has to have a winning line of products. This is certainly the case with Organo Gold as the company offers an impressive line of products that are infused with the beneficial Ganoderma mushrooms. Beyond the coffee that the company is famous for, it also produces an outstanding line of products that include green tea, nutraceutical supplements, infused lattes and hot chocolates. Another great thing is the fact that these amazing products are making people some real money as independent distributors.

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