Women Across The Country Are Stepping Up Thanks To Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is in a very good position since she founded Bumble and took up the lead position as CEO. Not even 30 years old and Whitney has amassed a fortune through her business prowess. Bumble is currently one of the fastest growing dating applications on the market and has more than 20 million total users around the world. Although Whitney Wolfe had prior experience working at Tinder, which is where she was before she made the move to start up her own dating platform, unfortunate events meant she had to depart early from the company. After filing a sexual harassment case against the co-founder of Tinder, Whitney decided to move on and focus on empowering women out there through her own means. For latest update connect with Whitney Wolfe on Twitter.

When it comes to Bumble, women have all of the control and therefore they can avoid the problem men out there looking to harass them. Since women are approached much more frequently, it can be difficult to have pleasant or single conversations, not to mention to guys who start to be unpleasant. Because of this, Whitney Wolfe made it so women on Bumble are able to make the first move, while men have to wait for women to contact them. In this manner, women have no pressure on them and can take things at their own pace without any sort of harassment.

According to Whitney Wolfe, there will be more features added in the future of the dating app that will help women who do not know where to begin. As a victim of harassment and egocentric men herself, Whitney knows the difficulty for women in getting back out there and trying to find someone. One of the biggest features that Whitney wants to incorporate into Bumble is conversation starters for women, to help them make the first move and get back to conversing, regardless of prior experiences on other platforms.

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