Ryan Seacrest Happily Returned For The Second Season Of American Idol

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is the host of the radio program On Air with Ryan Seacrest and the 12th season of American Idol. He is also hosting “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” He expected a lot from the second season. The two prepared for the Halloween show and Guinness World Records.

Producer Michael Gelman announced “Livetember” would have guests, live festivities, and music acts. The “Guinness World Record 2019” began with juggler Josh Horton and his wife Cassie Horton breaking the record for slicing the most apples in one minute while juggling knives with 36 apples sliced. The show’s “Record Breaker Week” hosts many acts and stunts.

The first “Record Breaker Week” started with setting the record for the most people doing the ‘Floss.’ The record was broken with 349 people dancing for one minute in New York City. On Record Breaker Tuesday, the Xtreme Team set the record for the most under-the-leg slam dunks using a trampoline in less than one minute. They beat the record with 27 slam dunks. On Record Breaker Wednesday, professional cardstacker Bryan Berg attempted to build the tallest house of cards in under an hour and have it stand for 10 seconds. He attempted to break the record on the show in 2009, but he failed. He beat the record this time with 26 stories.

On Record Breaker Thursday, Kelly and Ryan attempted to set the record for wrapping a person with wrapping paper the fastest. Kelly practiced on her son before the show. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to completely wrap Ryan on the show. Ryan told her to not worry because the record could be set another day.

On Record Breaker Friday, Michael Gelman was named the Guinness World Record holder for the most morning show episodes produced by a single person. The sisters Angela Carvalho and Dee Dee Lombardi Brandt are grape stompers. They will attempt to extract the most juice by treading on grapes in one minute. Visit Ryan Seacrest’s profile on forbes.com for more details.

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