Developing Dubai – Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani has carved a path of success that has established himself as one of the most leading developers of all of Dubai. His success has come from his dedication to working with developers of Western countries to develop new projects that add life long benefits to the area of Dubai and its future development. This lust for western capitalism sprung from his time overseas studying in Washington. The University of Washington acted as a conduit between Sajwani’s desire to improve the physical tourism industry in Dubai as well as its connection with Western tourism. Sajwani utilized his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the United States in order to create a basis for success in the projects in which he would work on.

DAMAC a Business Grown Large

Damac was one of the several startups created by Sajwani in order to lend development services to businesses looking forward to growing within the industry. DAMAC provided Sajwani the opportunity to utilize his knowledge and in addition cultivate his ability to strike deals with foreign investors in the property development sector thus establishing himself even additionally within the industry. This created a unique opportunity to become a better businessman. DAMAC ultimately would grow to become a multi-billion-dollar business and create a massive wealth for Sajwani that would push his wealth far past 4 billion dollars.

Donald Trump Deals For Success in Tourism

Donald Trump’s deals with Hussain Sajwani and would allow Sajwani to establish himself further with the western world by allowing Donald Trump to bring his brand and name recognition into the world of Dubai’s tourism. Trump’s ability to create and establish luxurious resort properties would lend itself to the style that Dubai was looking forward to capturing and has allowed Sajwani to cultivate even more deals that he would otherwise not be able to accomplish.

Hussain Sajwani is a visionary to the largest degree. His work in Dubai has allowed him to be a central celebrity to the country and has cultivated many relationships globally that would better world relations on a whole. His desire to further work with Donald Trump has allowed Hussain Sajwani to push himself to even greater accomplishments and make a big name for Dubai.

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