Krishen Iyer Thrives By Paying Attention:

Managed Benefits own Krishen Iyer is one of the company’s partners and he has built up an outstanding and successful career over the years by utilizing an expert knowledge of the areas of technical development and marketing online. His ability to develop client reputations is another strong aspect that has helped to make Krishen Iyer such a successful entrepreneur. Krishen is currently a resident of the city of Fresno in California and has lived in the state now for a number of years. A large part of the credit for the fact that Managed Benefits has been able to have such a large amount of success at providing marketing solutions that are highly effective is directly related to the efforts of Krishen.


Krishen Iyer is a highly detail-oriented individual and has been able to harness this fact in a way that has brought him a significant amount of success in areas such as generating leads for Managed Benefit’s clients. Much of his attention to detail ethic was honed during his college years attending Grossmont College first and then finally San Diego State University.


The idea behind Managed Benefits Services originally came about as a result of a business niche that was looking to be filled. This niche is the area of specialized marketing and solutions in this area. When Krishen Iyer saw that this need was ready to be filled, he set about trying to take care of the issue. These days Krishen spends his days interacting and interfacing with clients. He is also constantly concerning himself with the area of technical development as well as marketing, the core of Managed Benefits. Krishen also works hard to make sure that communication within the firm remains healthy. He believes that for a team to be successful there has to be a strong commitment to communication.

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