Ted Bauman Takes the Hard Work out of Financial Research, Sharing His Well of Knowledge With Masses

As an editor of Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman delights in his work. At Banyan Hill Publishing their is whats called the Bauman Letter, of which Ted is lead editor. He writes about various issues that range from migration issues and low risk investment. He has a strong view of government enrollment of writing pieces. View ideamensch.com to learn more.

Ted Bauman began his early years of life within Washington D.C. but was raised on Maryland’s eastern shore. Even though Ted Bauman was born and developed his ideology within the United States of America. Ted Bauman actually studied abroad for his secondary education. He earned his postgraduate degrees in Economics and History from the prestigious University of Cape Town. Ted Bauman was a many of many hats. He truly spent his money wisely on his education as he worked in his educational field of expertise for over 25 years. Positions Ted held ranged from executive positions within nonprofit sectors, fund manager for low-cost housing, and developed Slum Dwellers International which in total helped over a total of 14 million individuals across 35 different countries. Ted during the early 2000s wrote and researched variety of international housing topics. He sought to really understand financing, housing, solution management for individuals who live in urban spheres. Now Ted Bauman writes whats called the Bauman Letters.

These letters have become known as tips and tricks for people to make the most of their money. He has letters with different ideas and ways people can stretch their dollar and invest their dollar. He discusses in one of his Bauman Letters how individuals seeking retirement can possibly double their retirement fortune through non stock investment interests. He talks to others about ways to avoid the pitfalls set by the IRS. He discusses ways to take vacations for a fraction of the typical cost. Even how online money users can now protect their assets online as they navigate the ever complexities of an online world full of hackers. Ted Bauman is a man who sole goal has always been acquire knowledge and spread for others. He seeks to educate himself, then educate and assist the masses.

Ted Bauman spends majority of his time submitting his weekly writings. These writings were called Sovereign Investor Daily. With the help of the years of experience Ted Bauman has acquired the necessary skills and experience to spread quality information. Often times reporters write just to write. However, this writer is truly for his followers. Visit: https://tedbaumanguru.com/


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