Doe Deere Is Unique And A Successful Entrepreneur

Doe Deere knows all about learning from mistakes and acing bold colors as the founder of Lime Crime. She makes a sensational statement with bold eye makeup and striking hair. She has created charm with heaps of nostalgia and lashings of glitter. Doe Deere is unique and believes this is the meaning of cult. Her products have been changing the market since 2008. Her personal attitude regarding animal testing has led to a line of cruelty free and 100 percent vegan products. She also participates in a lot of charity work for animals.


Doe Deere believes mistakes are part of being an entrepreneur. She feels learning and growth are much more important than mistakes. Lime Crime has not always been on a smooth path but the company has overcome the obstacles. Doe Deere predicts the ultimate color for 2018 is bright purple. Her unicorn inspired brand is offering a sensational purple Eyeshadow Palette that just launched.


Entrepreneurship is one of Doe Deere’s biggest passions. Her advice to new entrepreneurs is to find the gaps in the market and the latest innovation. She believes the inner voice must never be ignored. She began Lime Crime by formulating the products herself. The company is now a team responsible for the perfect formulations. If they do not like the product for themselves it will not be made. Doe Deere admits she loves the whimsical such as unicorns and glitter. She sees this as self expression. She says the trend is being led by social media and there is no reason for anyone to conform.


Doe Deere believes the colors of makeup tell a story. Every palette is designed for a specific look. Venus represented grunge with purples and lavenders. Her palettes all tell a different story right out of the box. She advises anyone not familiar with wearing color to try the experience at home first. This way the person feels comfortable and safe. Once this happens the person can enter the world with a bold new look. Doe Deere believes color tells the world the person is not a wallflower while projecting confidence. Learn more:


Doe Deere places a lot of importance on packaging. This is how she shows the value and quality of her products. She feels a good product is wasted in crappy packaging. Her inspiration for the Pocket Candy Palette packaging came from toys. She incorporated the nostalgia of the polished and glossy candy toys. The names come from a team effort, They capture the shape, palette and color of the product. Doe Deere uses social media to interact with her customers. She receives excellent feedback and really listens. She enjoys the excitement of talking about a new product way before the scheduled launch.


The best word to describe Doe Deere is individuality. She is unapologetic and fearless in her freedom. She believes eliminating any fear regarding the color of hair and makeup brings freedom. She branched out into hair dye because she sees the trends of expression through both hair color and makeup.

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