What No One Tells You about Hussain Sajwani

We only concentrate on where the successful people in life are today, but no one focuses on where their journey began. The roots of the top listed investors in the world are messy, and sometimes they may have been in worse situations than we are today. Many business people only want to hear the good and sweet part of how the pioneers became billionaires. They forget that the journey is as important as the destination is. Here is the truth of Hussain Sajwani that no one talks about when describing his success.

Hussain Sajwani was born in a very humble family. Her mother sold fabrics and other products to the local women to help sustain the hard-earned income of his father. Sajwani’s father had a shop that dealt with watches and pens. He also tried real estate, but his priority was his shop. Sajwani began visiting his father’s shop at a tender age, and he observed the hustle he went through and the commitment and dedication to see the company successful. It is these lessons that he learned from his father that have contributed to his success to date.

Hussain Sajwani is the owner of the prestigious DAMAC Properties. The firm has a very experienced staff, and they have been able to see that their clients get what is best in the market. Hussain Sajwani goes an extra step to employ the most awarded architectures in the state, to top the creativity of his team.

Hussain Sajwani has a close relationship with Donald Trump, which many people have found worth discussing especially now that the latter is the President of the USA. Their business partnership will not be affected according to Sajwani because Trump’s children are much involved in the business. Their relations began before he joined office when they were working on Donald’s International Golf project.

Sometimes how we grow up has an impact on who we become later in life. Hussain Sajwani understands the pain of lacking, and he has been keen on helping the needy in the society. In a recent charity occasion, he mentioned the need to assist children to live to their potential and contributed AED two million.

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