Keeping the Community Safe Through Securus Technologies’s WCS

For years, ex-correctional officer Robert Johnson has told his story and why he kept it a personal mission to help keep out cell phones from prison inmates’ hands.

Johnson primarily commented that inmates use cell phones to foster crimes within the community, which he experienced first-hand. Working as a corrections officer, it was part of his job to make sure that contraband drugs are intercepted when they are delivered for inmates within the prison.

Robert Johnson got quite good at this job that a hit was put on him and this happened two weeks after they were able to intercept a large parcel of drugs with a value of $50,000. It was around 5:30 am on March 5, 2010 when he was up and getting ready to go to work. The front door of his house was kicked in and there came a loud boom. He immediately knew that it is probably a hit.

He said he called to the intruder from the hallway so the man would not go into the bedroom where his wife was still sleeping. The larger man pushed him backward after a short struggle and raised the barrel of the gun towards him. After that Johnson does not remember anything else except waking up on the bathroom floor.

He was shot six times by the gunman on the chest and stomach from a distance of less than six feet. In the hospital the chaplain and doctors told his wife to prepare for the worst. He said he died twice on the operating table and that his doctor calls his survival a miracle.

The man who shot him was Sean Echols, who was arrested and convicted of his murder attempt on Johnson. Johnson explained that inmates contracted Echols through a contraband cell phone from the prison and paid him $6,000 on a Greendot reloadable card.

Johnson likewise recalled another incident when 3 inmates called a hit on a baby because the uncle did something they did not like. The baby died in the mother’s arms. The hit was contracted from a contraband cellphone inside the prison.

In another time and place a 3½ minute video filmed within Evans Correctional institution purportedly showed Jose Ariel Rivera, 31years old and serving a 10 year prison sentence, using a cellphone. He has been caught several times using a cellphone and this is not the first.

Such cases could be prevented by the Wireless Containment System (WCS) of Securus Technology that has the ability to detect and prevent calls. The efficiency of the technology has been recorded to have prevented attempts of illegal communication from eight correctional facilities within the United States.

To date Securus continues to invest and enhance the WCS since it is an effective means of eliminating contraband cell phones within correctional facilities in the U.S.

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