Jeff Yastine’s take on mergers and acquisitions

The business world is constantly changing. Every successful person in business has to be well informed of the happenings in the market. Today, there is a wave of mergers and acquisition. Some people may think that it is because companies being acquired are not profitable enough. The reality is, when businesses merge, they gain a bigger share of markets, get to widen their product portfolio and have a better presence in the country or continent. After considering the benefits that come with a merger or an acquisition, Jeff Yastine advises investors that companies that have either merged or done acquisition is the place to invest.

Jeff Yastine is an investor and a financial reporter with years of experience. He was the anchor and reporter of PBS Nightly Business Report. During his career as a news anchor, he had the opportunity to interact with many business leaders. This saw him acquire knowledge that has proved to be an asset to him in his investments. He also got to do lots of research on markets, analysing and coming up with informative reports for his audiences. This gave him a chance to understand the business market and to get inside information on how money flows. He got an Emmy business award for his excellent reporting skills in 2007.

Other than being at the forefront of changing business trends, Jeff Yastine is known for his accurate financial reports. This saw him be awarded as New York State’s society of certified public accountants excellence in financial journalism. He was part of the NRB team of journalists who had done a 30minutes report on the state bond market in America. In as much as this news piece was the one that got him awarded, his reporting skills are what got him there. He has a way of sticking to the facts while explaining in the simplest terms complex economic concepts.

One thing Jeff Yastine clearly enjoyed during his work as a news anchor was helping his audience get incredible investment opportunities. He would scope the market and find companies that promised investors a good percentage of returns and recommend them to the audience. This not only saw many people get rich watching his show, it gave him an opportunity to invest for himself as well. Today, he continues to do the same thing at Bayan Hill Publishing. He writes articles that are informative to his readers and recommends to the investing opportunities available in the market. More info can be found at

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