Congratulations Daniel Taub for a Job Well Done

Different professions are ranked differently. This is according to their intensity and how demanding they are. The role of being an ambassador is very critical. This is because he compulsory sacrifices that one need to make. It also requires the individual to be conversant with the law of their country. One also need to be aware of the will of the people. This is because every decision you make affects everyone in the state. You also need to be a person who embraces change. This role can’t be helped by an individual who is judgmental. No matter how different the policies and beliefs of the foreign country may be, you got to accept them.

Daniel Taub has been the Israeli ambassador to Britain for four years. It has been a successful venture. The two countries are now enjoying everything that comes along with good relations. The trade between the two countries has flourished completely. The value of the two countries is $7 million. Besides of the great trade, Israeli have set up more than 300 businesses in the state.

Daniel Taub says that contrary to what people thought, his job was very fulfilling. The cooperation between the two countries has made the work easier. It was not in a tug of war like people thought it was.

Daniel Taub says that to Israeli, Britain is not just a famous world. It is more than that. Britain has the most prestigious media globally. Their relationship is, therefore, important to the people. Daniel feels honored to have been among the people who helped reconcile the two states.

Four years ago, when Daniel Taub took the job, he remembers the conversation he had with the Queen. She asked her how he felt being a representative of a country he had been living for 30 years. She was concerned because one requirement of doing the job is letting go the citizenship.

Daniel Taub said to him. This was an opportunity. He wanted to bring the two countries together. This was going to be his gift to the two countries. He would also take the chance to bring up his children in their historical countries.

Final Verdict

Being an ambassador is not an easy to call to answer. This is because it requires strength and intelligence.

Daniel Taub will forever be remembered for his great reign. He was competent and work diligently. He will be forever celebrated, for a job well done.

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