Daniel Taub – article recap

Daniel Taub is known as the Director of Strategy and Planning for the Yad Hanadiv Foundation, as a regular contributor to renowned publications such as The Guardian and The Post, and as the former Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Court of St. James. During Mr. Taub’s tenure as the Ambassador, he placed heavy emphasis on developing trade between the two nations, and as he prepares to leave his post, many of his contemporaries believe he will be missed. Mr. Taub’s aura is one that is both straight-laced and witty, and during his time, he developed many comparisons with former Ambassador, Shlomo Argov. As he recently sat down with Manchester City Fan for a brief Q&A session, Mr. Taub decided to discuss his history as the Ambassador to the Court of St. James, as well as his potential future endeavors.

In discussing his tenure, Daniel Taub fixated on a few points that were key factors to his continued success, including never looking back, staying committed to reading, as well as maintaining a multidimensional approach to his career and the relationships that encompass it. While Mr. Taub generally chooses not to look back, upon reflecting on his career, he feels that the goals that he and his team set forth to accomplish were completed in excellent fashion. In response to his accomplishment, Mr. Taub was actually surprised with the amount of progress that he and his staff were able to make, but upon leaving, does think about things that he could have improved upon. Among his achievements, Mr. Taub places heavy emphasis on the fact that they were able to create information centers in Scotland, Wales, and Manchester, which directly helps to address the growing problem with antisemitism throughout Europe.

Recently, when he was asked to lecture regarding the history of Israel throughout English literature, Mr. Taub resorted to consulting the classic literature of his youth as a point of reference. Along with his commitment to maintaining a reading schedule, he also referenced his dual citizenship, which was lost when he became Ambassador to the Court of St. James, as a real factor in his multidimensional approach to his career. Being born in the United Kingdom, and relocating to Israel as a young adult, Mr. Taub was allowed to see things from the perspective of both nations, uniquely equipping him for the position of Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Learn more: http://www.behance.net/danieltaub





Jeff Yastine on the Future of Retail Stores and Malls

Jeff Yastine explains that the state of cybersecurity is very similar to the state of aviation in its early days. In the early days of aviation, pilots were getting killed. The problem lay in the fact that many pilots could not keep up with the physical demands of steering and the other tasks that were required to fly airplanes in those days. The solution to that problem was automating everything that was possible to be automated so that the pilots did not have to do so much hard work. The same can be said for cybersecurity these days, as many more things are being automated when it comes to cybersecurity.

For example, the Pentagon recently purchased a system called Mayhem. The interesting part about this system is that it automates cybersecurity. It automatically scans the systems and looks for patches and flaws in the network. This makes sure that a hacker will not find the flaw by themselves and take advantage of it. The software will instead find it and make sure that it is taken care of before it is too late. The Mayhem system won a two million dollars award for one of the best systems.

In related news, Jeff Yastine explains that retails stores may not be over. Despite what you may think, they may have a future. It is true that Amazon is taking over the commerce industry and that many retail stores are going out of business because of it. However, the fact is that because of that, shares and prices are falling. This means that more investors are going to be cashing in on the bargains. As this goes on, the retail industry may start going up again. It is an interesting thing to watch, but precisely because prices are going down and they are not being valued as they once were, malls and retail stores are going to be eaten up by investors who are looking for a bargain and who still think that there is a great future in retail stores. In the end, not all is lost yet. There is still plenty of hope and a great future may be in the making. Do not dismiss retail stores just yet.

Jeff Yastine is the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is a well known financial journalist with many years of experience in the financial market.

Learn more:http://www.talkmarkets.com/contributor/Jeff-Yastine/

Congratulations Daniel Taub for a Job Well Done

Different professions are ranked differently. This is according to their intensity and how demanding they are. The role of being an ambassador is very critical. This is because he compulsory sacrifices that one need to make. It also requires the individual to be conversant with the law of their country. One also need to be aware of the will of the people. This is because every decision you make affects everyone in the state. You also need to be a person who embraces change. This role can’t be helped by an individual who is judgmental. No matter how different the policies and beliefs of the foreign country may be, you got to accept them.

Daniel Taub has been the Israeli ambassador to Britain for four years. It has been a successful venture. The two countries are now enjoying everything that comes along with good relations. The trade between the two countries has flourished completely. The value of the two countries is $7 million. Besides of the great trade, Israeli have set up more than 300 businesses in the state.

Daniel Taub says that contrary to what people thought, his job was very fulfilling. The cooperation between the two countries has made the work easier. It was not in a tug of war like people thought it was.

Daniel Taub says that to Israeli, Britain is not just a famous world. It is more than that. Britain has the most prestigious media globally. Their relationship is, therefore, important to the people. Daniel feels honored to have been among the people who helped reconcile the two states.

Four years ago, when Daniel Taub took the job, he remembers the conversation he had with the Queen. She asked her how he felt being a representative of a country he had been living for 30 years. She was concerned because one requirement of doing the job is letting go the citizenship.

Daniel Taub said to him. This was an opportunity. He wanted to bring the two countries together. This was going to be his gift to the two countries. He would also take the chance to bring up his children in their historical countries.

Final Verdict

Being an ambassador is not an easy to call to answer. This is because it requires strength and intelligence.

Daniel Taub will forever be remembered for his great reign. He was competent and work diligently. He will be forever celebrated, for a job well done.

Three Hacks for Investing in Brazil by Igor Cornelsen

The Brazilian economy has just recovered from a turmoil and now is the best time for investors to divert their resources into the nation’s financial market. Nevertheless, before embarking to invest in a foreign sector, there are many things that one must put in perspective. Igor Cornelsen, a top Investment Consultant in the country, sheds light on guidelines of investments that will guarantee maximum personal gain without much risk.

Even Though Mr. Igor Cornelsen had relocated to Florida to play Golf, he reveals that it is an exciting time to invest in the Brazilian sector. Through his investment firm, Igor assists foreign investors to traverse through unsteady economic markets in Brazil. Most of the investors are confident in Cornelsen’s investment strategies as they have been successful in the past. Below, are the three vital things to look out for before investing in Brazil according to Mr. Cornelsen.

Familiarization with Brazil’s Currency Restrictions
There are some foreign currency restrictions in Brazil. For instance, one of the currency laws dictates that all foreign investors and businesses need to exchange their currency in an authorized bank. Moreover, there is no set exchange rate for foreign currency as it mainly depends on the transactions. The central bank in Brazil can set a commercial exchange rate and can decide to change it at any given time. As such, a shrewd investor must use such knowledge to their advantage.

Network with the Locals
There are numerous innovative and business-minded persons in Brazil, and a new investor needs to network and develop relations with them. According to Cornelsen, Brazilian entrepreneurs are friendly and hospitable; hence, it is effortless to network and connect with them, and through such interactions, one can learn from their business experiences and do better.

Prepare for Bureaucratic Obstacles
Many regulatory guidelines must be met before one can start a new business venture in Brazil. Such regulations include labor market restrictions, taxes, and other business registration regulations. For this reason, one needs to research to know the mandatory ones that they need to meet beforehand. Having the right knowledge will help a new investor make informed decisions and therefore have higher chances for success. Read more:https://about.me/igorcornelsen1