Dick DeVos Work History

Dick DeVos is one of the well-known philanthropists in the world. His reputation has captured a lot of attention across the globe regarding the support and donation to different institutions and groups. The primary path that Dick DeVos has taken the priority of his support is the promotion of the groups and education. He has donated $3 million and $357,000 in support of the various groups and for setting up a good foundation of the educational matters. His unwavering belief is that through education every child has a chance of achieving his or her future American dream. To achieve so, he channels some amount to promote the administration and teachers who are in look of the educational matters. The supply of his donation is well defined by the procedures that are contained by several charitable organizations. This move has made him create a huge impact in the society, and this was well substantiated by the support that he gave to Lansing-based Great Lakes Education Foundation. Lansing-based Great Lakes Education Foundation was set to benefit the public masses openly without any political agenda associated with it.

There a quite a lot of projects that have been erected through the donation of the Dick DeVos. These include the Ford International Airport and charter school located at Gerald R. in additional, Dick DeVos acquired a plane with the intention of assisting the education at West Michigan Aviation Academy. He has furthered his donation of $2.4 million to the Arts & Culture. Furthermore, he donated $22million to various universities such as University of Maryland to initiate the project of DeVos Institute of Arts Management. In support of the leadership, he built Chicago mega church with the purpose of integrating the good religion to the society. The donation of the $1 by Dick DeVos assisted the global summit which was attended by the philanthropist.

Dick DeVos was one of the main partners participated in erecting the multi-purpose sports arena that is located in Grand Rapids. The Grand Action which was laid down in the setting of his campaign has created a well-staged platform for all business leaders. Some of the projects that were set under the goals of the Dick DeVos include the Grand Rapids City Market and DeVos Place Convention Centre. The various sector that has been supported by his contribution has created a good transformation under the set policies. Additionally, his influence in the sector of education has made drastic changes in education labors. The primary aim of Dick DeVos was to create equality in ensuring there are equal opportunities for education for both poor and rich.

Dick DeVos has created a perfect platform that has brought a transformation in the sphere of education.


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