Dick DeVos, a U.S Based Philanthropist Focuses on the Education Sector

Dick and Betsy DeVos have always been in the limelight due to their generosity. The couple has given away billions of dollars to charitable events ever since they ventured into philanthropy. They have given out a total of $139 million. In their giving, they have put education as their top most agenda.


In 2015, 26% of their donation was channeled into the education sector, and another 3% was given to organizations that are inclined towards making necessary changes in the education sector. During Dick’s interview with MLive and The Grand Rapid Press, he stated that he has observed that the current education system in the U.S was not fulfilling. He also indicated that children living in marginalized areas were not capable of accessing quality education. Dick also blamed the education system for failing to make education easily accessible to all children.


DeVos commended America for having highly skilled teachers. However, he feels that these teachers should be capable of disseminating knowledge to all students equally. Michigan Schools is one of the beneficiaries of his philanthropic work. In 2013, his top recipients included Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, Potter’s House in Wyoming, and West Michigan Aviation Academy. Dick DeVos also donated funds to Rehoboth Christian School, Ferris State University, and Alma Mater Northwood University.


DeVos faces critics

He also accused DeVos of supporting schools that run for profit gains. In return, their family spokesman John Truscott defended the family by saying that all their philanthropic actions were public even before Betsy was nominated. The DeVos family has always insisted that they have always adhered to the standards required for any charitable organization. He also insisted that their donations are not politically inclined.


About Dick DeVos

Born in October 1955, Dick DeVos is a businessman from Michigan State. In 2006, Dick took on his political ambition by running for Michigan State governor’s post. In 2012 he was listed as 67th richest person the United States by Forbes magazine. Dick is married to Betsy DeVos who is currently serving in America as the secretary of education. He is a graduate of Northwood University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.


Karl Heideck Explains Philadelphia VS. Wells Fargo

On May 15th, the City of Philadelphia opened a lawsuit against Wells Fargo & Company. The claim is stating that Wells Fargo has been violating the 1968 Fair Housing Act. The city says they have manipulated African American, Hispanic and other minorities into accepting riskier deals on loans and mortgages that resulted in a large portion of foreclosures. This is only the most recent Scandal the bank has been involved in. They’re still trying to rehabilitate from the “fake customer account” scandal where bank operators created fake profiles to meet a certain criteria. Most of the banks scandals are considered redlining. An illegal practice where banks target a specific area or demographic that they don’t want to loan to. The same attorneys used for that case are also representing Philadelphia, says Karl Heideck.

Karl Heideck is an attorney that specializes in risk management, compliance and litigation. He is based in Philadelphia and began working for Grant and Eisenhower PA. His work is based around bank fraud/security and any issues dealing with 2008 and its mortgage disaster. Heideck has also worked for Pepper Hamilton LLP as a project attorney, Hire Counsel and was also an associate for Conrad O’Brien. His skills include civil and commercial litigation, mediation, arbitration and intellectual property. Along with his work, Mr. Heideck also writes different articles to explain different aspects of law in order to help the public get a better understanding on certain topics.

Karl Heideck attended Swarthmore College from 1999-2003 and Temple University James E Beasley School of Law from 2006-2009. During these years, Heideck received a Bachelor of Arts for English language and literature and letters from Swarthmore. He also made the dean’s list at Temple University where he graduated with a JD in Law. Karl Heideck has many profiles that are open to the public like LinkedIn, Legal Directories, and Martindale. These sites provide links to more of Karl’s articles, other profiles and give a more in-depth explanation of what he does and his legal background.

Learn more about Karl Heideck: http://thereisnoconsensus.com/career-spotlight-litigation-karl-heideck/

How Nick Vertucci is Becoming a Legacy in Real Estate Investing

Nick Vertucci has a true rags to riches story. After his father’s passing at 10, life was tough for many years. His adulthood started off with him living in a van and stability finally came when he started selling computer parts. When he lost almost everything in 2000, a friend introduced him to Real Estate and it became a passion that would make him a millionaire.

Becoming a Real Estate Guru

Mr. Vertucci spent over a decade soaking up as much information as he could about Real Estate and Real Estate investing at http://nvrealestateacademy.com/about/. He turned his acquired knowledge into a system that he made simple and accurate for investing in properties. Nick Vertucci became a millionaire, with hard work and dedication. He now vows to teach his system to others and share his knowledge with the work at his free live workshops and academy.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was created by Mr. Vertucci as a way to educate other people who have a passion or interest in investing in Real Estate. The academy teaches with hands on learning and has people to help with investing issues as they arise. A student at the academy will learn how to flip houses, how to rehabilitate homes and sell them for profit and tips and tricks to invest low and sell high. A student will also learn how to find properties, network and grow his or her reputation as an investor on LinkedIn.

Nick Vertucci has worked hard for his successes and has a passion for teaching others everything he knows. With his knowledge and dedication many find success after attending his academy. Whether a student is looking for help with investing in long-term rentals or short-term flipping of houses or commercial properties, Mr. Vertucci’s academy is a great way to find a solid education in real estate investing.