How Roberto Santiago Thrived In The Retail Industry

When it comes to an individual proclaiming that he/she is successful, one needs to have proof that apparently offers evident of how much an individual has achieved. Roberto Santiago is one entrepreneur who has achieved a lot in his career path and his achievements manifest themselves to the general public. He no longer has to proclaim that he is successful considering he owns one of the largest and biggest shopping malls in Brazil, the Manaira shopping mall. The shopping mall is a facility that is founded on the hope of providing fun, comfort, and leisure to all the people who decide to visit it. Ever since it was opened up to the public, the shopping mall has gradually won the public’s heart as it continues to establish a healthy and stronger relationship with every client.

Apart from the Manaira shopping mall, Roberto also owns the Mangeira shopping mall which is also based in Brazil. Being an entrepreneur and a successful businessman he is today, a lot of people think his success came on a silver plate. Mr. Santiago had to work his butt off and start his career path from scratch to later build an empire. His career journey began at Café Santa Rosa before he decided to venture into the cartonnage industry. Read more articles on

His involvement in the industry resulted in Roberto opening his first company that majorly focused on producing decorative and utilitarian products. This move he made from the catering industry into the cartonnage industry is what has shaped Roberto to become a successful businessman he is today. It was not hard for Roberto to invest in Brazil considering he is a local. He was born, raised and educated in Brazil. He attained his degree in Business Administration from the University Centre of Joao Pessoa.

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Apart from involving himself in the business realm, Roberto has an interest in sports and just like business; he is also a winner in the world of sports. During kart and motocross champions, Roberto has gathered numerous trophies that prove he is truly the best at what he does. The same attitude and desire he has shown when doing his businesses is the same virtue he protrudes when engaging in sports. He tries to do everything perfect which leads him to be a leader and winner.

Through the Manaira shopping mall, Roberto Santiago hopes to change the entertainment Industry in Brazil. With his knowledge, experience and involvement in the retail Industry, Roberto is truly the best man to run the entertainment industry in Brazil. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

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  1. Roberto is a well known seasoned entrepreneur today that is because he has been able to put in a lot of efforts in what he does. With best dissertation services more insight can be obtained about most of the investment that Roberto Santiago has made in Brazil. Through his investments the people off Manaira today are really enjoying the magnificent Mall he built there.

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