José Borghi is a promoter of highly creative advertisements in Brazil

Mullen Lowe’s founder, José Borghi, is renowned as the owner of one of Brazil’s most lucrative advertising agencies. The commercial enterprise, used to be called, Borghi Lowe. The firm, is famous for standing out in Brazil’s top listing, of the most distinguished and dazzling publicity agencies. José Borghi, is the leader behind producing the incredibly trendy commercial, displayed all over Brazil. The promotional advertisement was designed around kids, singing and dancing, while wearing a range of costumes, to appear as stuffed animals.

José Borghi’s unusually productive occupational foray into the advertisement arena, blossomed out of an array of worries, with more than a few, impediments for José to surmount. While José was in middle school, José experienced a succession of misgivings, to the occupational direction that he should pursue. These reservations, vacated, soon after his sister, invited José to go and witness a cycle of marketing videos that were on display, at the Castro Neves Theater. The theater put on a large assortment, of the top, successful promotional videos, that were airing in Brazil. The featured videos, had each received an awarding, of the esteemed Lion Award, which is only available, from Cannes. During the viewing of the videos, José felt encouraged and dreamt of getting his hands on a coveted Lion Award, too. This need, fueled José to prepare for his future career, to engage in creative advertising promotions, as his avenue to success.

José worked many years, at scores of advertising endeavors, all over Brazil, including the prominent FCB and DDB. Eventually, generating his own advertising project. José and his associate, Erh Ray, produced the promotional agency, BorghiErh. The deeds of their agency, acquired the interest of the promotional agency, Lowe. They combined, to form Mullen Lowe, with their partner, Mullen Group.


Paranormal Podcast – Beyond The Darkness

If you are into podcasts there is no doubt you have run across PodcastOne. This is considered America’s largest advertiser supported podcast network and they keep coming up with more podcast networks and hits. Norman Pattiz is the founder and chairman of PodcastOne. Recently he announced that a new series was coming to Chris Jericho’s podcast network, Beyond The Darkness. Chris Jericho has made a name for himself as a success story with the wrestling podcast and they don’t expect him to stop shining. During this podcast, they will investigate the paranormal and anything to do with ghosts, goblins, mysteries, miracles and really anything out of the ordinary. The show will showcase experienced researchers from around the world giving their input and telling stories that are guaranteed to challenge and scare you.


The show will be host be by Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis who have a significant experience in the podcast and radio industry. They are heavily followed and will definitely draw a crowd to this new podcast with their amazing storytelling. The experience that they bring dealing with paranormal activity and background will give an enriching experience for the listener.


PodcaseOne has grown significantly through about 200 podcasts, ranging from sports athletes such as Shaquille Oneal, Steve Austin to comedians like Adam Carolla to Rich Eisen and Dr. Drew, just to mention a few. Norman Pattiz has built a huge conglomerate stemming from, Westwood One, which he founded in 1974. He has been appointed on multiple occasion by President Clinton and President Bush to the Broadcasting Board of Governors. This board helps with nonmilitary type broadcasting in many countries including Middle Eastern. In addition to broadcasting, Norman Pattiz is a Regent of the University of California.


Norman Pattiz entered into the National Radio Hall of Fame. He was also awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award. His work shows his passion for radio and spreading the news. He loves what he does and ensures he is part of the process and hands on with the programming and content. His work ethic still is unsurpassed at the age of 73. The passion and dreams that he has had and accomplished make him a great asset to the people that love media.

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A Sneak Peek into Hussain Sajwani’s Life

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and CEO of DAMAC Group. He is also a business partner and personal friend to U.S. President Donald J. Trump. His rise to success has been very interesting, and his ties to the controversial U.S. President have only served to highlight his achievements in spite of the skepticism.


Here is a review of the man shaping the architectural face of the Middle East and beyond.

A Humble Beginning

Hussain Sajwani was in the catering business before he identified the opportunities in real estate. He ran a catering company that mostly served the United States Army in the Middle East and beyond.


The revenue from his catering business facilitated the beginning and growth of his real estate business. However, he still runs the catering business under the DAMAC Group; the business is considered more of a reminder than a revenue generating opportunity.


Venturing into Real Estate

Hussain Sajwani ventured into the real estate business in 2002 when Dubai’s industry was lifting off. He had earlier constructed mid-market hotels to cater to refugees from Europe during the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, these were insignificant compared to the DAMAC Group, which prides itself as one of the high-end real estate companies in the world.

Hussain Sajwani today works with real estate giants such as President Donald J. Trump. The two businessmen collaborated on the Trump International Golf Club and have sold over $2 billion worth of luxury villas.


The President’s Friend

Hussain Sajwani’s popularity has grown over the recent months due to his friendship with President Donald J. Trump. The two are not only business partners but also close family friends; in fact, they celebrated New Year’s Eve together after the president’s win. Their wives are also close friends who often visit each other.

The real estate mogul has caused controversy by suggesting that he will further his business relationship with Trump Organization. However, he has been keen to point out that he will be working with Ivanka Trump and Eric and Donald Jr.

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Hussain Sajwani – Family, Family Tree